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  1. some great shots of jimmy and rob in here! not nearly enough of bonzo tho ☹️
  2. Have already spent too much of my time on here...


  3. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the times when I want a record right away I will usually check Discogs first, or some sort of online marketplace. But my hometown has a fantastic record store that's quite large and houses a massive collection of classic rock vinyl, amongst other genres and types of media. And I must say there really is no feeling like walking into my local record store looking for nothing in particular and walking out with a bunch of records after crate digging and standing on tall rickety ladders just looking for whatever catches my eye. I've found many of my favorite LPs that way. Yea, in today's society digital media is much more convenient and practical. But as a lover and a collector of vinyl, there will never be anything more satisfying to me than getting my hands on a piece of physical media. Especially an old, well loved one that I came across in a random crate in the corner of a dusty old record store.
  4. Bittersweet... it makes me sad to think Robert has come to that point in his life where he can no longer relate to those words in the same way as when he was younger, but also happy with how much he welcomes it and doesn’t let it define him as a musician.
  5. Been listening to this on repeat; and TSRTS soundtrack as a whole.
  6. What a shame, I would've loved to have seen Robert come up with lyrics to accompany this one. But even on it's own, it's still a fantastic piece.
  7. Yes!! I always thought both Presence & ITTOD were both some of Plants strongest albums lyrically. Carouselambra, All My Love, Achilles Last Stand, Tea For One come right to mind and each have such vivid imagery and imagination in the midst of the bands toughest times. I love that Robert's songwriting never once dipped in its quality throughout the bands time together, if anything, it became more poignant.
  8. Outtake from the Clearwell Castle Sessions, 1978. 



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