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  1. AUSTRALIA GOVERNMENT FORCES THEM TO DOWNLOAD TRACKING AND TELEMETRY APP Australia's federal and state governments' public health restrictions on its citizens have become even more draconian, with restrictions on freedom of movement and a requirement that South Australian citizens download a phone app that combines facial recognition with geolocation. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently said he knows the burden is heavy, and that "this is not a sustainable way to live in this country." Interstate travel within Australia has been severely restricted in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the country, and now residents are forced to download an Orwellian phone app that uses facial recognition and geolocation to track its citizens. The Atlantic reports: South Australian residents will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will send them a text message at random times, and then they will have 15 minutes to take a photo of their face where they are supposed to be. If they don't get it, it will be sent to the local police department to follow up in person. "We don't tell them how often or when, randomly they have to respond within 15 minutes," explained Prime Minister Steven Marshall. "I think all South Australians should be very proud that we are the national pilot for home quarantine enforcement." Other states across the country have also clamped down on citizens' freedoms in the name of security, with the state of Victoria announcing a curfew and suspending parliamentary business during the pandemic. Scholar John Lee wrote in an article for the Brookings Institution that "to put this in context, federal and state parliaments sat through both World Wars and the Spanish Flu, and curfews were never imposed." "Responding to a question about whether he had gone too far with respect to imposing a curfew (avoiding the question of why a curfew was necessary when no other state had one), Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews replied, 'It's not about human rights. It's about human life,'" according to the Atlantic. Speaking to the BBC, New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott defended the deployment of the Australian military to enforce the curfew, saying some state residents thought "the rules didn't apply to them." In Sydney, where more than five million people have been on lockdown for more than two months, and in Melbourne, the country's second largest city, protests against the shutdown were banned, and when dissidents gathered anyway, hundreds were detained and fined, reported Reuters
  2. You are a machine for saying fallacies, besides repeating the same speech of the media and puppet politicians. I'm not going to dwell on every point because it's boring and I'm not interested in wasting so much time. However, you mention several times to look at our nations and not to look at Australia. (?) This isn't a fight of nations, who traveled there, who came back here, nothing like that. This "pandemic" and all that goes with it is just the beginning of implementing a globalist agenda. This is a war between the people of all nations who are not willing to give up their individual rights to a sinister global tyranny. Anyway it is still amazing how people have the truth before their eyes and they prefer not to accept it and face it... they prefer to continue begging for slavery.
  3. Total madness in Australia: the government kills dogs for adoption so that people do not go out to look for them in full quarantine. The coronavirus craze continues and Bourke Shire councillors decided to shoot dead a dozen dogs because they did not want volunteers to move in quarantine to rescue them and put them up for adoption. A rural council in the state of New South Wales, Australia, shot dead dozens of dogs waiting to be adopted at a shelter in the town of Cobar, to prevent volunteers from moving in during pandemic restrictions and people interested in rescuing them from coming to see them. The news was published in Australia's Sunday Morning Herald, which obtained a statement from the local government that coolly reported that the course of action was taken to "protect its employees and the community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of Covid-19 transmission when people come to see the dogs." Meanwhile, volunteers at the animal shelter involved claim to have been prepared with all the necessary measures to handle the dogs safely. But the most alarming part of all this is that while the region is under quarantine, no recent cases of local transmission have been reported in the city. For their part, animal rights advocates have demanded an immediate investigation into the matter to determine whether cruelty prevention laws were broken. Meanwhile, Australia is currently dealing with massive protests against quarantines imposed by the national government over a very slight rise in Covid-19 cases, despite high vaccination numbers and virtually zero mortality.
  4. https://twitter.com/i/status/1431429226083852290 Police arrest a person for testing positive for Covid and not attending government isolation camps. The "covid fugitive" lives alone and wanted to spend the disease in his apartment. They wouldn't let him. https://twitter.com/i/status/1431761292088561671 The Australian government proudly advertises the construction of concentration camps for COVID-19 sufferers or close contacts.
  5. Michael Hayden (Former director of Obama's and Bush's CIA).
  6. I'm not a coward. Wait, Frog... before you leave do the Fauci dance! Bye!
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