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  1. I have all twelve boxes and they're perfect for me. I could only say that 'II' and 'CODA' in some corners peeled off just a little bit, but nothing serious. But what do you mean by the box being damaged? The contents inside the box? If it's the box on the outside, sometimes they can come with a small dent. On the other hand, the "French" box you are referring to, I think it only has the sticker in French, because if I'm not mistaken, there're only two editions of the box, the American and the European, but I'm not completely sure.
  2. Thanks a lot, man. Yeah, the cars are really good.
  3. Thank you! The problem is that the seller is from Buenos Aires and I I'm from another city quite far away, that is, I can't scan the barcode on the box before I buy it and have it in my hands (I guess...). In any case I'll see if I can tell the seller if he can scan it, although I think it will be difficult. Is your box the original 1993 USA box? Thanks a lot again!
  4. You're a man of culture.
  5. Hi, Could someone tell me if this box set is the original 1993 USA box set? I have checked the differences on Discogs but I don't realize the differences with the China replica or the others. Thanks!
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