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  1. That is great detective work. They probably would have never imagined their grave would be immortalized in a famous rock film years later
  2. Quite close to where I was standing in that photo but lower down so the cross looks alot larger! The light must have been just infront of those trees in the background. John Paul Jones is moving toward the church along the path . It is a very clever use of camera position to turn what is a very ordinary church yard into something visually stunning.
  3. Well, you were 100% right about which grave it was. There is no doubt given the location of the other Graves in the shot that this was where that scene was shot. One of the great thing about locations like this Church is they are timeless and have not changed a bit in the 40+ years since these scenes were filmed.
  4. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Church, it was a great day out. I felt like I was helping to uncover some Rock History. I told the rector of the Church and he is going to put the Led Zeppelin link in their News letter. The group who look after Windmill (some of who have been involved since the 1970s) also had no idea about the Led Zeppelin link and I am going to send them some links to the video. They seemed quite excited about the idea and hoped it might increase some interest in the Windmill. These things might have simply been lost in time. Living in Sussex is ideal for exploring these historical Led Zeppelin locations, and hopefully some other fans will visit these locations in future! How did you find out which grave it was? The church itself has an interesting history and is linked to the family of the Duke of Dorset, who have their family home near by and were Catholic (hence the number of Celtic Cross Graves in the Church Yard). A number of members of the family (dating back to the 1500s) have some very elaborate graves within the church itself.
  5. Many thanks to Steve Jones for suggesting I visit these sites, I doubt many have been to these historic Led Zeppelin Locations out of an interest in the band since 1976!
  6. Finally the iconic scene where John Paul Jones Passes the Celtic Cross Grave Stone
  7. Finally I visited St Michael and All Angels Church in Withyham Sussex. This is the location of the graveyard scene.
  8. I got a shot from the road, the building itself is in a slightly run down state I think it might be under renovation.
  9. Here are some shots from the inside, including the view from the window that has the light shining out of it in the video
  10. The team looking after the windmill very kindly let me take a look around and this is what it looks like today:
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