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  1. I'd rather share my stuff freely and have it bootlegged than keep it to my self so it doesn't get bootlegged. Your logic is foolish.
  2. Pretty excited for this! Dazed and Confused will be fun to hear on the SBD.
  3. Wendy has done some interesting ones in the past. Live Peace In Hiroshima is a spoof of Live Peace In Toronto by John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band Aloha Hawaii is a spoof of Blue Hawaii by Elvis
  4. Hiroshima 1971 Source 4 is certainly a bad one.
  5. I've heard of using proxy services is a good thing for out of state people. Would this be the same situation?
  6. I've wanted to get stuff from Yahoo for awhile now. Mainly because they have a lot of good releases for cheap buy now prices. I've looked at shipping prices and its not at all bad. Is it still a good option to get bootlegs?
  7. It's finally here in all of its glory. Cant wait to hear this later!
  8. I thought it was the new 928 sbd artwork 🤣
  9. Whoops I meant to quote this one. Sorry about that if my message didn't make sense.
  10. When you put out three separate releases based on the same date you gotta be milking it for sure. Now I understand EV every few years re-releasing old sets. Im not sure if they remaster them or not but this isn't a problem to me. For example I would love a re-issue of the Australia and New Zealand tour boxset. There defidently a new releases needed but thats just my opinion.
  11. Can someone make a download of this song?
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