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  1. I’d ban all that sick, deviant shit.
  2. I’m safe I’m stock piled to the hilt and have plenty of food stored too.
  3. Looks like he needs someone's help to put the mask on, where is Camela Harris?
  4. They’re not going to do anything about Covid they’re just going to fool people by giving them more, and cover it up with other fake news
  5. Correction: I responded to no one’s post but Steve, and I think the the term I used was quote . which I didn’t go bother someone else, my response was a statement I made and not answering your post which used a emoji which there is nothing to respond to. You are now on ignore because of your constant persistence despite me telling you to leave me alone. Go bother other members.
  6. I forgot to mention Camela Harris who will be the new fake President soon, something will happen to Sleep Joe, soon we’ll be wishing him R.I.P., but not me.
  7. Is he talking about the fake President who was literally put in office through scam ballot voting?
  8. My goodness Paul, I need a defibrillator .
  9. You guys are the best!!!
  10. Those boots were made for walking, all over me! She was the hottest.
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