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  1. Or perhaps because the post office helped Biden get elected and they have that over the Biden administrations heads.
  2. Bill Gates is also in league with Satan as is his wife or former wife, I think I read something they got divorced or perhaps I'm wrong and thinking about someone else, either way they are both in league with Satan.
  3. She is a lunatic and not a real Christian, she is in league with Satan, God does not want you to get the vaccine, it's the stamp of the Beast, only Jesus Christ had Apostles. How can she even say something blasphemous like that? 13:18
  4. I was told yesterday the Nurses who refuse to get vaccinated are being replaced with nurses they are bringing in from the Philippines, how can this be possible, so anyone who refuses gets replaced by foreigners? How is this even legal? I'll see if I can find the article and post it here.
  5. Yeah Roosevelt started the Welfare program.
  6. My enemy are the Chinese and the Muslim extremists.
  7. I hope Australia and it’s allies blow China off the face of the Earth, they started this mess .
  8. Bought me a couple of Zeppelin T-shirts yesterday, the Led Zeppelin June 22 1977 at Inglewood California and my first Zeppelin shirt I had as a Teen the one with the old man father time looking down over a cliff.
  9. If there is war with China, I guarantee you even with this commie administration we'll back you up as will England and hopefully the completely liberal Canadians and we'll obliterate China off the map, that is if their undercover commie comrades the Russians interfere on the Chinese side and help them out, never trusted those Russians, even when the wall came down, Putin's been in power forever after Yeltsin, the guy just keeps changing titles but is still running the show.
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