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  1. Cool Kingzoso, the man had a set of pipes, love all of his material from Elf to Heaven and Hell aka Black Sabbath.
  2. R.I.P. Tawny Kitaen, I remember watching Witchboard the movie she starred in, beautiful woman. Is it known what she died of? Last time I read the articles said causes of death unknown at the moment.
  3. Thank you my friend, you have excellent taste, Hope you are well and staying safe.
  4. You the man Rodrigo!!!!!
  5. Damn! She looks 13 I know she’s 18+ but man these Oriental models could pass fir underage girls, must be their healthy diet. What is a J model?
  6. Not trying to insult Rodrigo, I’m just saying Asian women keep their youthful looks fairly well, sorry if I confused you my friend, not completely naked the Chinese girl you posted.
  7. These Asian girls^^^ look young as heck, I'm almost even afraid to look at them, Rodrigo has one posted above looks like she's 14. They must age very well, the Duggar guy just got charged with Federal crime of downloading Child porn sick bastard, same guy who was molesting his sister, hope they lock his deviant ass up. Not even suggesting this is, in this case here as this young Asian lady is fully clothed and not doing anything, but the one Rodrigo posted is damn near naked!
  8. Nice one Paul.^^^Her bikini top looks a little small.
  9. My goodness!!!!! What a healthy girl, must be something in the water she’s drinking.
  10. The photo is not showing Paul.^^^^
  11. I'm not stupid you meant your post to those of us who are against the vaccine, good for you that you got vaccinated, I hope it works for you and wish you the best and that you stay healthy. God Bless!
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