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  1. DanelectroGod

    Tea For One

    I remember getting Presence on Halloween weekend, probably like 1988. It was one of my last purchased Zep albums to complete my collection. When I heard Tea For One, I was blown away by Robert’s emotions. The whole atmosphere was melancholy perfection.
  2. DanelectroGod

    Jimmy Page Hanging out with Pearl Jam

    Steve, I couldn’t agree more.
  3. DanelectroGod

    Bootleg Unlicensed T Shirts

    True. Back in the day, Grant would’ve been on this though
  4. Just wondering, has anyone else noticed ads on Facebook selling unlicensed Zeppelin T-shirts? I’ve seen one where Robert was photoshopped in one with the lyrics to Thank You on it. Today I seen an ad that features all of Robert’s solo album covers on them. Wondering if Robert’s management is aware of this, or how to let them know
  5. DanelectroGod

    John Paul Jones Snubbed Page & Plant?

    Well, the whole beginning of Jimmy teaming up with Robert was when Robert was asked to do Unplugged, and Robert asked Jimmy to join him for it. So really it was Jimmy joining Robert’s camp. I do find it peculiar that with Jonesy’s taste in folky mandolin music that Robert has never collaborated with him. For me, I’d really enjoy it. I doubt we see any of the guys ever recording together again
  6. DanelectroGod

    Bill Curbishley: Fired by Page, later let Plant go...

    What I'm curious about is while this took place, did it drive a wedge that caused the Page/Plant era come to an end.
  7. Interesting article from manager Bill Cubishley. Sorry if previously posted. https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/bill-curbishley-the-who-lot-artists-old-days-bullied-hate-bullies/
  8. DanelectroGod

    Any Chance......

    Would Robert ever consider a tour that featured exclusively on his first five solo albums? I'm probably crazy, but I'd love to see him do this, without any Zeppelin re-works in his set. I know he's not one to do something that's not moving forward, but he has some great songs that really came to life live that seem like a lifetime ago. Hearing something like Pink and Black live, was a real treat the first time I saw him live. Anyone else into that kinda thing?
  9. DanelectroGod

    Jimmy dating again.

    So did Jimmy find his angel with a broken wing?
  10. DanelectroGod

    An Open Letter to Robert Plant

    I think Jimmy's activity post Zep activity(lack of) was just as big of factor as Robert being reluctant. I might not always like Roberts solo adventures (Nashville), but I will forever respect him for his work, and honoring Bonzo by moving forward, not treading water
  11. DanelectroGod

    Jimmy Page & Chris Cornell To Collaborate In 2015

    The guitarist from Soundgarden doesn't like Jimmy. I remember him being asked about if Jimmy influenced him and he wasn't too kind. Any way, here's Chris doing Thank You on his solo tour
  12. DanelectroGod

    "Jimmy Page needs to have a good rest"

    This whole drama reminds me of 92-93 Page & Plant media jabs. Like others, I've accepted that there will never be any tour, or even music. This latest crap is leaving a grumpy old men media shark fest that I hate to see come of my favorite band. The only good is that maybe Jimmy will get a little motivation from Robert's comments. Time to move on James. A few steps since 1980, but let it rip. Bobby went Nashville, and so did my admiration for him. Thank you John Paul for doing your talking on stage
  13. DanelectroGod

    Jimmy Page to appear on The Tonight Show on Monday May 12th

    Is that Pamela "I'm with the band" chewing on the snake?
  14. DanelectroGod


    Seen them a few times in high school, during thier peak. I found Dread Zeppelin a better act to be honest. And after the Station Fire, I think they came off as very distasteful. I flip the channel every time they come on