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  1. I remember getting Presence on Halloween weekend, probably like 1988. It was one of my last purchased Zep albums to complete my collection. When I heard Tea For One, I was blown away by Robert’s emotions. The whole atmosphere was melancholy perfection.
  2. True. Back in the day, Grant would’ve been on this though
  3. Just wondering, has anyone else noticed ads on Facebook selling unlicensed Zeppelin T-shirts? I’ve seen one where Robert was photoshopped in one with the lyrics to Thank You on it. Today I seen an ad that features all of Robert’s solo album covers on them. Wondering if Robert’s management is aware of this, or how to let them know
  4. Well, the whole beginning of Jimmy teaming up with Robert was when Robert was asked to do Unplugged, and Robert asked Jimmy to join him for it. So really it was Jimmy joining Robert’s camp. I do find it peculiar that with Jonesy’s taste in folky mandolin music that Robert has never collaborated with him. For me, I’d really enjoy it. I doubt we see any of the guys ever recording together again
  5. What I'm curious about is while this took place, did it drive a wedge that caused the Page/Plant era come to an end.
  6. Interesting article from manager Bill Cubishley. Sorry if previously posted. https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/bill-curbishley-the-who-lot-artists-old-days-bullied-hate-bullies/
  7. Would Robert ever consider a tour that featured exclusively on his first five solo albums? I'm probably crazy, but I'd love to see him do this, without any Zeppelin re-works in his set. I know he's not one to do something that's not moving forward, but he has some great songs that really came to life live that seem like a lifetime ago. Hearing something like Pink and Black live, was a real treat the first time I saw him live. Anyone else into that kinda thing?
  8. The guitarist from Soundgarden doesn't like Jimmy. I remember him being asked about if Jimmy influenced him and he wasn't too kind. Any way, here's Chris doing Thank You on his solo tour
  9. I found it exciting when it was released. David was always more of a metal guy, where Plant was more worldly. Other than a blonde dye and perm, not really the same approach. I guess Dave did steal the car in the video idea from Burning Down One Side too.....Whisper A Prayer For The Driving
  10. Great comments on here! If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the Dixon lawsuit around the time the box set was released? To me, it's timing. As a guitarist myself, I find it not close mechanically. I wore my '77 tour shirt to work today. It's funny how kids(I'm 42) today believe anything news and media put out. I got the lawsuit and how every song was ripped off. I stopped listening to Stern after his attack on Zep. Sure, Robert nic'd some lyrics. But the output from the band was beyond lifting songs. I think one thing that turns Plant off, is things like this. I will just laugh at the haters. Look at what mainstream pop/rock is today, and these people are critiquing music from the golden age. They can stick to selfies and American Idol-The Voice rubbish.....
  11. I enjoyed seeing Jason's show last summer, and I think he's doing it right by not just working as a tribute band, but doing other projects. I hope Jimmy taps into Jason if he ever makes new music. Jason's come along way since the outrider project.
  12. Anyone else like Robert's cover of the Arthur Alexander song? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dF9NNGOmGNY
  13. Priory Of Brion @ Ashby Southern Man (Neil Young) 31/10/1999 Love hearing Robert sing this song and love their arrangement. Great Plantations and Robert saying Neil is his favorite Scorpio......
  14. Thanks for posting that luvlz2. I wonder how much of the material they mentioned is tucked away. Love to hear it
  15. Bon Jovi next week for an over night with my wife. She has been dying to see them again, so we're going to Louisville next week. Not their biggest fan, but sometimes you gotta give them what they want....chance I might catch Clutch this Friday night.....
  16. Former Robert Plant guitarist Robbie Blunt was working with Julian during this period.
  17. I'd love Jimmy to make an album of the songs that inspired him. Like that scene in It Might Get Loud, Jimmy getting into the groove of Link Wray's "Rumble". And stuff like "Let's Play House". As someone else said, he seems like he only has the fire to do stuff with Robert as far as touring. The man can do as he pleases, and I'm happy for what he has done. I also respect Robert for following his musical taste. How many members of bands of thier era reformed for the cash parade? And even Page/Plant kept ticket prices well below what they could have charged. I wouldn't be surprised if Jimmy doesn't ever make a new disc. And hanging onto hope he does, can be summed up by one of his songs........Wasting My Time.........
  18. Thanks Steve. I always enjoy and appreciate your insight. I do think Jimmy seemed to be enjoying working with David from the rehearsal videos that were posted. It's a shame that such a talented artist is so hung up on what will never be. Like I said, I don't really enjoy some of Robert's country flavors, but respect him for always moving. Even JPJ does a variety of projects. I wish Jimmy would do something original, rock, blues, folk, middle eastern, just something. Jimmy can sit in with guys, like JPJ does, but Jonesy still manages to record, even if it's on other people's records. It's like Jimmy lost his fire.
  19. I find David's interview in jam that was posted on page seven of this thread. Never knew of the problems with Jimmy's manager. Also funny to hear about how Plant went to early Whitesnake shows and that his daughter, Carmen was a fan. People can judge artist as they may. I liked it from the time of it's release. I'm not a big fan of Robert's country side of his last few, but own them and find something to like. I do respect Coverdale for his kindness towards Jimmy when mentioned. I'd like Steve's take on Jimmy's manager at the time. I met a guy backstage, part of Jason's crew with Charles West as vocalist, on a Jason Bonham tour wearing a Outrider jacket, and won't share the story, but can easily see where managers have their own agendas
  20. I live a stones throw from one of the most tragic night club fires in US history myself. The Beverly Hills Supper Club. May of 1978. 165 people died. I was only seven, but was related to two of the firefighters that were there, and knew someone from my school who lost both of his parents.
  21. The fact that I've seen the singer of GFR say this in multiple interviews is telling in and of itself. Glad you have to invoke Led Zeppelin to try to fluff yourself. I love Led Zeppelin, and know there where nights when the wheel didn't roll on. But any musician with intellect wouldn't make comments like that. GFR could never touch the depth of the musical spectrum that was Led Zeppelin.........
  22. Ready for spring.....

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