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  1. Wow, thank you so much for your replies - so kind of you to take the time. I think you're right SteveAJones, David Oxtoby definitely MUST be the artist. You asked if Clare was a member of FEATHERS IN THE WIND or THE ROBERT PLANT INTERNATIONAL FAN CLUB NEWSLETTER - I don't think she would have been - she would have been in her mid to late teens in the mid eighties. So very interesting to read your posts - my partner is delighted, as I am to know more about the picture. Now, I only wish I could work out who Tony might be. No matter, for now it is so wonderful to be enlightened. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, I wonder if you could help me find out a little more about the image below of Robert Plant from 1984. My late sister in law was a HUGE fan, and since she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last year, we never got the chance to ask the history of the attached. It's a BIG limited edition print measuring 82 cms x 61 cms It's signed by Robert Plant "To Tony - broad shoulders....smart moves. Love Robert" (she was called Clare, so not sure who Tony might be)?? It's super hard to read the artist's signature, I've attached a close up of this in case it helps, and it also shows that this was 4/10 in the print run. If you could shed any light on this at all, I'm sure my partner would love to hear. A long shot I know, but I thought it worth an ask. Huge thank you for your time, and I'd love to hear from you .
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