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  1. Amazing job dude! That sounds awesome! You've got some serious skills and dedication!
  2. Yep! Page with Bad Company in 76' I believe. Using a Les Paul Junior.
  3. Post any pictures of Page (Or even John Paul Jones) with their less commonly used instruments.
  4. Honestly if you like the Jam Band kinda thing, I think the Allman Brothers band are a lot better than the Dead in that aspect. The Allman Brothers just had that raw blues feel that early zeppelin had.
  5. How the West Was Won. Personally this is my favorite era of Zeppelin, the 70-73 era. Featuring tracks off of every album up to Houses of the Holy with great live performances of Dancing Days and my favorite rendition of Over the Hills and Far Away. This album holds up even with the MSG shows. The quality is amazing and it is put together incredibly well for being two shows mixed (the LA Forum and Long Beach Arena) and really shows what made Led Zeppelin such a great live band.
  6. Awesome! Thank you very very much!
  7. Well I’m looking for mainly the height of the pickups, the pole piece height as well. Any photos of the setup of the pickups. I’d like to see the original pickups but I’ve yet to come across a good quality photo of the original pickups.
  8. I’m looking for good close up images on Jimmy Page’s Les Paul Pickups. Whether it be on his #1 #2 or even the Black Les Paul Custom. If you have any good photos I’d love it if you shared them
  9. I feel that for such an album like the Untitled (Led Zeppelin IV) album, Four sticks sticks out. I love the song and think it’s interesting with Bonham’s literal use of four sticks, however the track is easily overshadowed by more innovative and unique tracks like “When the Levee Breaks” or “Misty Mountain Hop”. I personally like Four Sticks more than Rock and Roll.
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