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  1. Just got the new JHS Bender
  2. I’m not sure if I regret my purchase of the jhs which I’m expecting to sound really good or should I have gotten the Keeley Bender, I don’t know if it would of been more accurate to jimmys tone or is this jhs is gonna be better…
  3. Well I mean you could get a Supro which would be accurate but you could also get a Marshall Origin 20 $400 and a Park Fuzz which is based off of a Jim Marshall tone bender.
  4. This is my set up. Bowers and Wilkins 802 Floor-standing loudspeakers California Audio Labs - CL10 Magnum Dynalab - FT11 Analog FM Tuner BK - Sonata Series - MC101- Preamp 2 BK - Sonata Series - EX 442 - Amps Sota - Belt Driven Turntable
  5. My Led Zeppelin 2 Reissue has Living Loving Wreck instead of Living Loving Maid.
  6. I know zep has a lot of different styles incorporated into their music across their discography but if bonzo never died what else would they make? would they have done just rock or would they move to something a little different?
  7. I was looking at my Zeppelin 2 reissue vinyl and on (Living Loving Maid) it’s mistyped I’m pretty sure this on purpose though because supposedly they did this on the original one from ‘69
  8. Yeah I also think the reason he didn’t use the tele live was because of the single coils but if you watch one of the ten years gone videos from late 70s maybe 1980 it doesn’t seem to have a problem with noise or static.
  9. Peace Frog Yum I didn’t know he used a Flying V ever
  10. I know many say that he used a tele on STH Solo and all of the 1st album, and a Stratocaster on Ten Years Gone but doesn’t anybody think he used one on any other songs. To me on some songs it seems a little twangier than others, which to me means single-coils but I’m not sure.
  11. Yeah, and I also have a strat so I can get some early zep stuff. But my les Paul has coil split and out of phase an in phase wiring. 2019 Les Paul Classic - Honeyburst 2019 Squier Classic Vibe Strat - Two Tone Sunburst
  12. Hey, ADK - Zeppy Yes, well the amp has no drive in the amp but has a gain boost. So, if you just play it without pedals it’s clean.
  13. For anybody wondering I use a Marshall Origin 50 Combo (basically a plexi) And A 2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic - Honey Burst Effects- Wampler Etheral Reverb + Delay Settings= Reverb Mix= 2 Delay= 3 Delay Mix= 4 Feedback= 5 Tone= 9 Dunlop Wah Pedal Fulltone OCD Settings- Volume= 5 Drive= 6.5 Tone= 9.5 Boss CE-2 Waza Craft Chorus (I only use this sometimes...) Settings= Depth= 10 Rate= 3.5 - 4 Most of the time I’m playing Studio stuff so i would say these settings are good for studio stuff
  14. My favorite for a page tone is, Gain- 4.5 Bass- 7.5 Middle- 8 Treble- 7.5 Presence- 8 Tilt/Contour/ High Low Adjustment- 7.5 This is my opinion on the tone...
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