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  1. Looking for opinions on what is the best streaming platform to listen to Led Zeppelin. I know Tidal has a higher a higher res stream. Is it worth it? Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora? Thx
  2. It’s been 5 days since I burned the cds with your suggestions so I decided to visit Rose today so see how she is liking the live versions of STH. The verdict is a huge yes from Rose. She loves the variety of all the performances. She had three observations 1) the guitar solo is longer and different (good observation!) 2) Robert Plant adds lyrics (ie Does anybody remember laughter?) and 3) Rose wanted to know what Moroccan or Acapulco Gold meant lol. I replied it meant marijuana which rock stars used on occasion. Rose replied that they must used it to relax! She is such a sweet lady. She also is enjoying the bonus CD of Tangerine, TY, The Rain Song, ITL, RO, TYG and GTC. She especially loves The Rain Song. Next time I see her I will bring my computer so she can watch some video of STH, TRS and other videos. Maybe one day the whole TSRTS movie. Her Led Zep enlightenment continues! PS Rose wanted to know how I got all these versions of STH and the bonus CD. I told of fellow Led Zep fans on the internet sharing their personal favs. Rose wants to say thank you to all of you!
  3. I sincerely want to thank everyone on their suggestions. Monday is CD burning day. And great idea from rm2551 on introducing Rose to Ten Years Gone, In the Light etc. I think I will include an bonus CD for her.
  4. Great suggestions. Thank you very much!! I think Rose must hold the world record for most times listening to STH!
  5. True story. I met a 80 year old neighbour (Rose) recently. She stopped to talk to me due to my 75 LED Zeppelin concert tshirt I was wearing. Rose told me she loves Stairway to Heaven! She has a LZ 4 CD and she puts STH on repeat all day!! Before the CD she had the album and cassette. Rose once in a while cranks it up and dances to it. So I let her listen to the live versions on TSRTS and HTWWW on my phone. The look of astonishment and joy was priceless. She never heard a live version before. So I want to burn a cd or two for her with the best 10 live versions. I have the above two plus Earl’s Court. Could use some advice on the last 7. Thanks for the help, Rose will love it!
  6. I believe the Looney Two Slacks was a Monty Python reference.
  7. As Zep fans we all love Bonzo and what he brought to the band. Is there a consensus on his all time best drum beat? My vote goes to Achilles Last Stand with When the Levee Breaks a very close second. Any thoughts fellow Zep fanatics?
  8. I came across very interesting article about “The Object”. Swan Song Records had 1000 made for promotional purposes. Article goes into great detail about what was printed on Object, packaging etc. It’s a fun read.. check it out! https://gotledblog.wordpress.com/the-presence-object/
  9. Fell in love with LZ when I was 10 years old in 1977. My 14 old neighbour let me borrow 4th album and I was hooked. 1980 rolled by and that neighbour scored LZ tix for Cobo Hall show in Detroit (and invited me!!). Unfortunately Bonzo left this earth just before the tour. Truly crushed by the concert cancellation and subsequent breakup of the band. However my love of this band has endured 40+ years later and I passed this love of LZ to my two boys.
  10. I had an interesting discussion with a fellow Led Zeppelin fan. We had several differences on songs they played better live than heard on their albums. My faves are Over the Hills and Far Away and Achilles Last Stand. Hers were TSRST and Heartbreaker. Any consensus fellow Zep fans?
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