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  1. LOL i wonder how many ladies fainted at that moment xD well +1 if i was there
  2. thank you for welcoming me!! and im also amazed to see so many old-time fans!!!! i really really love 50s, 60s, and 70s music so early fans just make me so starstruck lololol i always want to hear stories about concerts and stuff especially the early 70s concerts where roberts just.. well yknow~ ... sometimes it really makes me wish i was born waaay earlier xD i cant believe i actually want to be a boomer lmao
  3. he looks like a superhero with that outfit... my favorite swan song comic books character!
  4. my friend doesn't find robert hot... how-

  5. hi! new member here thought i'd start being a little active by sharing my artwork (haha sorry if my style is very... anime-ish for your taste?? also cgarettes is my deviantart, shameless self promote lmao)
  6. hello there mr. stryder1978!! hehe thank you for the reassurance lol. it's also good news that classic rock is actually getting popular again among the youngsters! i guess zep never fails to make every generation fall for them... i mean, just look at this (the picture i saw of jimmy that got me hooked!)... man... ❤️
  7. hi there!! i'm lemoncustardpie, you can call me lemon for short, or call me by my even shorter name, dian i'm very young lol... (in high school) are there any other teen zepheads around here orrr..... i discovered led zep by stumbling across a photo of jimmy page online and thought i need to find out who this guy is LOL i didn't even know them as a kid, my parents didn't like zep very much apparently (too bad :P) though that didn't stop me from falling completely in love with them!! my favorite is jimmy (just like half of the female fans, haha) because he's just way too handsome and i c
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