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  1. Got the Fab Four Liverpool 3LP box. Brilliant cover!
  2. For what it's worth there are also a number of performances of Train on video by the Yardbirds with Jimmy in 1967-68.
  3. I missed 8 + 13. Where did the painting come from and O2 attendance. wtf Reminds of Benny Hill as quizmaster he asks how many attended the cup final. Contestant says about 90,000, he says I'm sorry 90,002.
  4. Absolutely, Steve. Never know what might have been in Bonzo's mind. Far from being a lawyer himself, he may not have wanted to take any chances. Of course it's all speculation but the feeling may have been any small misstep back in California and it all blows up again. Even if he was satisfied that the Oakland incident was legally dead and buried. Thanks for detailed reply!
  5. Destroyer 4LP box (first show), the one with Seattle August 77 on the spine of the green slick, + The Destroyer 4LP box on Smilin' Ears (second show).
  6. Well judging by some other sections of the forum, there may be some cynical responses to this topic. As has been stressed, it's all speculation, of course. But had Bonzo not died, the first thing that would've happened was the first leg of a North American tour. Robert and Bonzo had to be persuaded to return to performing in America. The Oakland incident was probably still weighing on Bonzo's mind, and he may have thought he'd be apprehended if they returned to America. It may have been explained to him that that wouldn't happen since the first part of the tour didn't include California. It may have taken some additional arm twisting for him to agree to additional west coast tour dates in early 81. He may have flatly refused, who knows. How well the first leg went would also probably have determined whether there would have been a Part Two to the tour. Both Bonzo and Jimmy were struggling physically by the early 80s. Bonzo's death seemed to be a wake-up call for Jimmy. As someone pointed out in the Led Zep 80 thread, it's not unreasonable to wonder if Jimmy might have been the one to meet an unfortunate end had Bonzo lived. Again, mere speculation. As for what kind of music they would have produced - i.e. new albums - judging from ITTOD, JPJ was having a more profound influence on their sound. Partly due to Jimmy's diminished state - and perhaps motivation - at least in the making of ITTOD. The music was more keyboard-based, even going back to the 77 tour when Dazed was dropped and No Quarter stood alone as the extended improvisation piece. I'm not saying they'd have gone all new wave - they were still a rock band - and we could point out any number of early 80s artists and wonder if that might have been what 80s Zep would have sounded like. Would it have been similar to Robert's first two solo albums? Even Deathwish II had prominent keyboard parts. I'd venture to say Robert's early solo sound was harder edged than Jimmy's. I think it still would have been a cooperative largely among Jimmy, Robert and JPJ. But who knows if Jimmy's influence may have been further usurped by Robert and JPJ if Jimmy's substance issues continued to get in the way of his creativity. With Bonzo - and Zeppelin - still around, it would have been a different Jimmy than what resulted in The Firm. I don't think they'd have taken a drastically different direction, but I think they each were in tune with musical trends. The prominent presence of keyboard-based sounds would have been significant, but also the mixture of big sounding fast-paced, high-energy tracks (guitars + keys) mixed with slower, quieter moments. The contrast of shades and moods that made Zeppelin unique.
  7. It probably didn't help that it was spelled one way on LZ III (Bron-y-Aur Stomp) and another on PG (Bron-yr-Aur). Check out how he says it during Vienna 73. Go to 35:55 in for intro to the Stomp.
  8. Ah ok Ash. You might try a music marketplace site like discogs, GEMM, cdandlp, musicstack, etc. There's so many. A vintage collector's item to be sure. Hope it doesn't get too expensive!
  9. Was just listening to Texas Pop Festival yesterday! "Nice to be back in Texas" Robert says. Only 2 weeks earlier in Toronto he said "Texas is still as you've read about it" and related how they were called out for their hair length. Good thing there was no TMZ then! Those comments may have come back to bite them; perhaps booed off the Texas stage! Today it's Paris 10/10/69, the earliest available recording of the new setlist. First cracks at that GTBT intro, Heartbreaker and Moby Dick. For the first time, I think, the set includes a stretch where the audience's patience is tested a bit (a topic that gets discussed more for later years). WS/BMS followed by You Shook Me then the drum solo. That's a long stretch of soloing over an extended segment of the show. A harbinger of things to come. Can't go wrong with any show from this era, though. Fantastic!
  10. Regarding Detective, yes Jimmy (Robinson lol) produced select tracks on the first album. You can really notice the difference - esp in the drumming - vs. those he didn't. Referring to the vinyl LPs as I type!
  11. You can find it on the Zeppelin bootleg titled Solo Performances. It's got Jimmy's Lucifer Rising as well as Robert's 3 singles - A and B sides from 66 and 67. Some nice bonuses; a great value. Good luck!
  12. Toronto 18 Aug 69 (evening show). I wonder if any setlist of the medley includes Along Came Jones (the Coasters hit from the 50s). They seemed to have some fun with it. Perhaps a reference to Canadian mounties. I don't think they intended it as referring to JPJ necessarily. Can't imagine they ever alluded to this tune in any other show!
  13. Fillmore West 24 Apr 69. It's agreed - is it not - that the available recording must be the second set of the gig? All the "missing" tracks would logically make up the first set of a gig from this era: Train, Quit, Dazed, Shook, HMMT. Absolutely unique As Long As I Have You. Great improvisation by Robert during JPJ's snafu. BTW as soon as Robert sings "Squeeze my lemon...." Killing Floor becomes Lemon Song for me. Even if they didn't know it at the time; even if Robert introduced the song as Killing Floor. That's what I call it in my setlists anyway FWIW.
  14. Fillmore East 31 Jan 69 it struck me as they bid the audience goodnight after HMMT then came back for You Shook Me as an encore. It was their first time in New York which was a big deal. Robert's first time in America; he talked about coming to NY during the last Tea Party show. You Shook Me was an important number for showcasing the new album. They had to be pretty confident they'd be called back to leave it out of the main set!
  15. The windows remain the same? I see what you did there! Thanks for the fantastic photo BTW!!
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