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  1. The members of Heart loved Zeppelin and covered their songs live many times. Annie Wilson ripped into Rock and Roll; sincerest form of flattery.
  2. Thank goodness - for them - Peter Grant isn't still alive!
  3. The feature of the '75 versions that make them worthwhile is the 3-man improvisation that follows JPJ's solo. The musicianship and synchronicity are out of this world. Take another listen to 18 May, Earls Court. Top notch!
  4. Confirming it is indeed Knebworth 90. Wearing and Tearing, of course, includes Jimmy on guitar.
  5. Noticed a bottle of this stuff on the floor as I was sitting for a haircut today. Preachin to the choir!
  6. The vinyl boot was called Just About Back which was one of the Plantations during this show. Not quite imo. Probably not until they got to NYC the following week.
  7. As for the contents, it has the mysterious soundcheck (believed to be from 73 not Minneapolis 75) without the PG material - i.e. Wanton, Rover, Night Flight - plus some unique segments from the 1970 Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage rehearsals.
  8. Dancing Days and WIAWSNB from Long Beach.
  9. Not to our knowledge. In my opinion - blessed with "bootleg ears" perhaps - I find the audience recording quite listenable and enjoyable. It was a revelation when it surfaced about 15 years ago.
  10. If you haven't heard much of the Yardbirds Page era 1966-68, use the search function to find topics or look here. You'll be fascinated at how the early Zeppelin years were foreshadowed by the Page-era Yardbirds. And welcome!
  11. They favored Sick Again because by that time they were mostly playing America and that song is all about American tour adventures. Barring a four or five hour set they had to make some tough choices as to which tracks to add from PG. Can't much complain about Kashmir, TU and IMTOD then TYG in 77. I'll guess that Custard Pie may have been in the discussion that lead them to settle on Wanton Song as an early 75 experiment.
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