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  1. Hello Steve, with great expectations.... would like a link. Thank you for the work.
  2. Hello Steve yes, it is incredible.... Great job on this show.
  3. But, No Quarter is best for me in the prime 1973 version, perfect one is TSRTS. Other versions from 1973, mobile, seattle.. During first part of 1975, on electric piano, atmosphere intact, when it comes to grand piano.... In 1977, big fan of this tour, it goes too far, indulgence over the place, the Liberace syndrom like a friend says... Longer is not better.
  4. Hello Steve you did not mention Oasaka september 28, did you try this one ?
  5. Yes this particular show in Landover is a great one and therés an excellent soundboard tape of the show, remastered one(s), sounds great
  6. Sorry, i have to be precise, that ghost guitarist, on the left channel .....
  7. Wide sound spectrum, a lot of separation between instruments, depth, your work on the 1969 is really fantastic. But that ghost guitarist on the seattle 1975 gives a strange feeling when i listen with headphones. yesterday I was listening to the Who woodstock performance, the official version released on the Rhino boxset. Entwistle is on the left, Moon and Daltrey, center stage and Townsend on the right. Exactly as if I saw them on stage.
  8. Ho la la, ho la la...... Amazing what you got out of this recording Steve. Your work is pure happiness for my tired old ear. I create a fan club and I take a subscription for your next project Really Fantastic job, more than this. Thanks a lot
  9. The No label, or Lighthouse has some silver cd using the Night Owl matrix, Texas pop is nicely done with pictures from the actual show, as the last Vienna 1973, from the same label. EV has gathered the 69 shows in a "cheap" package, it is not cheap when you consider the prices. There are probably others
  10. Nite Owl had released some Led Zeppelin : Fillmore April 27, 1969; Texas Pop August 31(great one), 1969, Blueberry Hill and the recent Vienna 1973 (great one too) . And maybe some more ... He or she or they has also made a great version of The Rolling Stones Liver than you'll ever be, really nice upgrade and two Neil Young from 1973 and 1984.
  11. Empress Valley has produced some dvd audio a few years ago, i have just listen their Flying circus, MSG 1975/02/12. Sounds great compare to the stereo version. PCM 96/24 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround. First, i had a copy from a friend, with just the DD tracks before Icould get an original silver. The PCM multi is really someting else. I haven't had a chance to hear other titles from EVSD.
  12. Paloff

    Hampton 1971

    Your since remaster was a great teaser, i would like a link, please, Thanks in advance
  13. Paloff

    Hampton 1971

    Hello Just listen Since. Sounds great, very lively, best I've heard from this show. Did you finish your remaster ?
  14. Paloff


    Hello yes, you will have a wonderful journey through all the magical shows available out there. When I was a little bit older than you are, back in the seventies, I get a cassette from a 1977 show, For badge holders, this one has still an effect when I listen to it. You will easely find some favourites lists here and there. I'll envie you to discover all that.
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