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  1. That’s amazing Mr. SAJ! I’ll dig up the Authenticity and send that over to you. I would appreciate your thoughts on it for sure. Also slightly off topic. I have re-read your Mysteries Thread. Man it’s insanely impressive! Amazing job! I’ve always thought of myself as educated in the World Led Zeppelin. Your knowledge and insight is inspiring and outrageous! Seriously thank you for that thread.
  2. I agree with you. I was born in the middle of the 70’s, there are some pretty good bands that came out of the Generation that I grew up with. As far as the 80’s and 90’s at least some of those bands were coming up the way their predecessors did. Today it is totally crap for the most part.As is the early 2000’s While I did get to see some/ a lot of the musicians from your generation, to have been there when it was happening is something that can’t be matched. The closest I or my generation can come to it, is by listening to boots or live releases. But the consumption of crap that today’s
  3. Hello Mr. SAJ. So I have gone deep on this topic. I have found some information that I will paste below. I hope some of it helps. The one thing that I am not sure about is Zior being named Zior in 1970. I think they may have been named Monument at that time. Here is some information that hopefully helps in your search or anyone else interested. https://www.afka.net/Mags/Music_Now.htm ZB Home Books Magazines Articles Fanzines Scrapbook Music Now UK British lesser known (in compa
  4. Mr. SAJ and Wolfman, I apologize if this should not be asked on this thread. With respect to Jimmy’s live albums that he has talked about over the years. Do you guys know if he recorded pretty much all of their live shows? I guess what I am asking is, he talked about the chronological album through the years. Is it a good guess that he has a ton of, if not all of their shows in storage or somewhere and it is a matter of cleaning them up for release? Again sorry if this is not on topic.
  5. I have this signed copy that my wife purchased for me back in 1999. I had it in an area that was under a skylight and Jimmy’s autograph faded slightly. Here is the thing, she paid a bunch of money and it came with an authenticity letter. But other than the amount spent and that letter I have, I have wondered if it could have been forged? Maybe SAJ or someone else could help to verify that.
  6. Thanks for the response. I envy your generation. What an exciting time. It’s amazing to listen to the bootlegs and feel the excitement in the air. Not that there isn’t good music today or certainly in the 1980’s and 1990’s . There were actually some really good bands to come out of those decades. But that was such a time of exploration in the 1960’s and 70’s. Zeppelin captivated me at an early age and it hasn’t changed in the 30 plus years. Amazing group of musicians, and performers.
  7. Alright that was maybe a bad example. But honestly studio HotDog I love. This is probably for another thread, but did you get to see The Who is the prime, or close to it?
  8. My Dad turned me into Led Zeppelin , telling me about the shows that he and my mother went to at the Fillmore is 69. My first Boot was Plays Pure Blues . I would drive all over the Bay Area and sometimes as far South as San Louis Obispo . They had some really cool record shops . But the thrill and anticipation of driving and hunting for Zeppelin bootlegs was and is an amazing feeling . I spent a small fortune on them , but also buying an book and publication I could find . When I started to realize that by the end of the 1990’s you could get them for free I was bummed to say the least . When
  9. Doggo’s , Presa Canerio’s , and Cane Corso’s are amazing breeds, and unbelievably loyal . I have an American Stafordshire , he is the epitome of Loyalty . I will say he isn’t as bright as some of the others that I’ve had . But it gives him character . If he were human he would ride the short bus while wearing a helmet for sure . But he is a gorgeous dog . Anyway Doggo’s are my favorite dog ever . They are stunning .
  10. 12 11 and Hendrix . And wait a minute Sir . Are you on a Led Zeppelin Forum calling then Thieving Magpies ? But the way , the example song you gave of the “ Best Rock Roll Band “ was a little lackluster . That could have been any bar band in any city . Maybe Reign , or Who are you ? That’s like me calling Led Zeppelin the Best band of all time, which they most certainly are , not even a close second . And then using Hot Dog from any 1980 show as the example . Just not a great pick .
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