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  1. Not a problem, George. Best if you e-mail me: digbysmith@btinternet.com
  2. I had the pleasure and privilege of assisting Andy Johns on much of Zepp 3 and 4 at Island's legendary Basing Street studios. This is by way of promoting my recently released autobiography, titled "One, Two, Three, Four" published by the Book Guild.
  3. Yes indeed. Two of my favourite bands, Free and Led Zepp and I got to work with both of them!! Still can't believe it, 'cause I've always seen myself as being just a regular music fan.
  4. As a staff engineer in the 1970's at Island Record's Basing Street Studios I had the pleasure of working with engineer Andy Johns on much of Zepp 3 and 4. I assisted Andy on the night the band recorded Stairway and my book includes an account of this magical night in the studio.
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