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  1. Yes. Someone mentioned you were there on the 4th. They asked if we met each other on the day 🤣 It was a bit busy as I recall but for reference, I/we (me and two girls) were just to the left of the stage as you faced it and about a third of the way up. Who knows, maybe we were sitting next to each other? It was a fantastic weekend. We went down on Thursday and came home on Monday (I think). We camped on the traffic island near the entrance to Knebworth Park (above the A1M) on Thursday before moving into the park on Friday.
  2. Happy memories for me. This picture was modified by my pal. He was keen to point out that I had my hands full (my right hand in particular) 😉
  3. Here's a selection of some of the pages. It's looking a little worse for wear but it's still intact and it's not torn. The menu price list makes me smile:
  4. Robert does support Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club as has been mentioned. He's also been known to spectate at Kidderminster Harriers and he's kicked a ball around there in a few friendly games. I don't know if he was ever considered as a singer with Slade but he almost certainly would have know Noddy Holder because Noddy was a regular at The Three Men in a Boat pub in Bloxwich where Robert and John (Bonham) both lived for a while. The landlord of the pub was John's uncle, William Bonham.
  5. Butterfield Court in Dudley is where John Bonham lived for a while. John also lived at The Three Men in a Boat pub on Stephenson Avenue, Beechdale, Bloxwich just before he joined Led Zeppelin. The pub landlord was William Bonham, John's uncle. I believe Robert Plant lived there too. The building featured on the album Led Zeppelin IV is Salisbury Court, Birmingham, not Butterfield Court. The building still stands today.
  6. His house is actually in Worcestershire (I won't say exactly where), between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth.
  7. Thanks for the pictures. I was there on August 4th, with two girls 😉 We travelled down on Thursday together and I remember we camped on a road traffic island on Thursday before being let into Knebworth on Friday. That island must have been the one near the main entrance, on the A1M road. Did anyone else camp there? I remember the police were collecting shopping trollies and returning them to the town because everyone was stocking up on alcohol and using the trollies to carry everything. We stayed for the whole weekend, coming home on Monday. It was memorable for so many reasons 😍 I lost
  8. 92% for me. I was sure I was right about the land of the ice and snow!
  9. Hi Everyone, I've just joined the forum and wanted to say hello. As my user name suggests, I was born in Walsall and grew up around Bloxwich (although I never actually visited the Three Men in a Boat), Dudley, Stourbridge etc. I feel fortunate to have seen Led Zeppelin live, at Knebworth (August 4th). It was a long and very memorable weekend for all sorts of reasons. I was 18 at the time. I still have the programme but I've lost my original ticket and have long since thrown my souvenir 'T' shirt away (oh how I wish I'd kept them). I can add a picture of my original programme here if
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