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  1. King gizzard and the Lizard wizard The murlocs Pipe-Eye Kendrick Lamar The white stripes Death grips
  2. There is a new track from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the Australian psych rock band that keeps on giving. What are your thoughts. Here's a link to the song https://youtu.be/ADj2jDqT4uY
  3. Lemon Song is also one of the first songs I learned on guitar
  4. Wasn't expecting this much feedback on my first post, but it's very cool to see all of this. I've listened to some of the live bootlegs and 85% of all of their released studio stuff and all of these posts have really made me think about it because my first thought was The Crunge and Lemon Song, and then I saw Ramble On here and I realized that I forgot about that song. I really like Dazed and Confused and Achilles last stand but I think my favorite is Lemon Song because that is one of my favorite songs. I also like what is and what should never be.
  5. On this day, May 2nd, 51 years ago led zeppelin played a show. That's all
  6. What are your favorite JPJ bass lines.
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