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  1. Wow, this is really cool - thank you for making this ☺️
  2. Totally with you on that one. Such a masterpiece, especially considering how little time it took to produce it and how short the band had played together.
  3. @woz70 @reids Obviously, I am a total newbie at playing the guitar and also not as big of a Led Zeppelin expert as you guys so watching the above posted tutorial at first I did not think about the intro being wrong. I can see how that must be annoying for your trained ears but I wondered if playing songs exactly like the original is what guitar teachers are expecting of their students. More specifically, I wondered what your teaching approach is: Build up the basics first, learn the theory, the chords, practice progressions and transitions before you even start learning how to play songs? Or do you teach by letting the students practice the songs they like in a sort of "learning by doing" approach and add some theory along the way? Would appreciate your thoughts on this because I feel like I have seen both approaches and am not sure which way to go in order to minimize frustration when learning to play. ☺️
  4. Hey Cory! I felt like I had to comment on your post. I'm 27 as well and a newbie on here. My Led Zeppelin love is not as old as yours and I am far from having such an impressive collection of amazing records but I can definitely relate to the thoughts that brought you into this forum. After years of halfassed campfire acoustic guitar playing I finally got myself an electric guitar a while ago and that definitely changed the way I listen to Led Zeppelin and only made me love them even more! Can you recommend some good beginner/intermediate LZ guitar songs/riffs? Cheers from rainy Denmark
  5. What a lifetime memory you got to make there. Absolutely amazing how intimate this picture seems...to think how close to the stage you got these days! I can hear the music in my head just looking at this picture. Thank you for sharing this!
  6. This is amazing! I would definitely want that on my wall as well. Good job!
  7. I got goosebumps just reading this. Dazed and Confused has always been my favorite LZ song, to me it just incorporates so many aspects of why they are my favorite band. I'm so grateful for this forum and especially other fans like you who share all the good stories that I as someone born in '94 never got to experience. Thank you so much! Cheers from Denmark!
  8. What a cool story behind these incredible pictures. I'm not jealous at all obviously, as someone who never got to see them live. 😉 Thank you so much for sharing!
  9. Yes, I read that but thanks 😉 I just expanded my 'wishlist' a little for LZ I since I have been looking for quite a while and don't feel like a UK 1st pressing is in the price range that I was hoping for at the moment (I won't stop looking of course. So I might go for a US pressing instead for a start 😉
  10. This was SO useful, thank you so so much! This is exactly the record I am looking for. ☺️
  11. Noooooooooo I first saw this now. How sad is that, I have literally waited for this release since October! It says that it was supposed to ship from UK, might have something to do with Brexit?
  12. That's GREAT advice, thank you so much!! Didn't know any of these two sites you named so that'll be very interesting to look at 🙂 Have a great weekend!
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