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  1. Finally got all the studio albums on vinyl - time for a Zep marathon 💜 


  2. All good 😀 There's been a lot of confusion about this particular date it seems. Lovely show though, wish I could time travel.
  3. Welcome to our happy Led Zeppelin hangout!

    1. Annamilia


      Thank you so much! This is like paradise, so much good inspiration. Any recommendations? 🙂

    2. Strider


      Depends on what you are asking? Do you mean Led Zeppelin bootlegs? Or areas of the Forum? I mostly hang out in the Live section, as that's where the best conversations are about Led Zeppelin's concerts and the bootlegs from these concerts. 

      For other bands, current bands and older music, there are some cool threads in the Other Music/Bands section of the forum. Before the coronavirus shut everything down, the What Concerts Are You Going To?/What Concerts Have You Seen? threads were fun topics to visit. Same thing with the Going to the Movies thread in the Ramble On section. If you like reading books, watching tv, or food and wine, there are threads for those subjects in the Ramble On section.

      Do you play an instrument and want to discuss Led Zeppelin from a musician's perspective and get into instrument and gear detail, the Musicians Corner of the forum is just the place for you.

      Okay...it is 100 degrees and I'm melting. Ciao.

  4. August 10, 1970 - Led Zeppelin in Hampton, VA. 50 years ago today and just one of those hidden gems on Youtube - check it out! Epic recording as well, so authentic.
  5. Dazed and Confused and just generally their first album on repeat on my record player. Dreaming myself into another decade 😉🪐
  6. Wow what a coincidence - I am just watching season 5 on Netflix again but never saw the titles of the episodes! If it wasn't already my favorite TV show it most definitely is now! 😄❤️
  7. Good to be here! Let's get to know each other 😊

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