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  1. On Youtube, I've heard a few people's remasters of Led Zeppelin songs. Naturally, theirs sounded like it was a direct remaster from the master tapes. It didn't sound like they took a remaster and remastered the remaster (if that isn't too confusing, lol). I was just wondering where they might have gotten digital copies of the masters (if they did)? Or if not, how did they get such a raw copy to master? Edit: For clarity I want the masters so I can remaster the tapes. Ever since I heard Good Times Bad Times I have always wanted to "make it my own" in the sense that I would master it and then have basically a song no one ever heard. If that sounds weird, it probably is. To master a song then never release it (seems even weird to me). But I think that behind all those effects, is nice, clear music.
  2. Ever since I found the multi tracks for Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Ramble On, and What Is and What Should Never Be I played around with various ways of mixing and mastering these iconic Led Zeppelin songs. Since then, I have wanted to know if Led Zeppelin ever released other multi tracks? I think it could be that the tapes are in bad shape and the information can't be retrieved. However, Led Zeppelin has released remasters of almost all of their songs. So this raises the question (for me at least), if the mastering tapes are in good condition, what about the multi tracks? I mean, with the complete fame Led Zeppelin has received for the past 50 years, I would assume the engineers and Jimmy Page would be smart enough to store their tapes properly. But, I'm probably just stupid and Jimmy doesn't want to release the tapes. I would be fine with that because I respect Jimmy and his decisions. I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any available multi tracks so that us Zep Heads can listen to the iconic sounds isolated.
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