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  1. Thank you, Bonzo_fan for your astute observations. Your mention of the unbelievable and unsurpassed chemistry between Bonzo and Jimmy is something I have been very much aware of too. Indeed, Jimmy has commented on this, marveling at Bonzo's understanding of his playing. Your remarks about the quality of post 73 recordings, yes I agree some sound great, I was just saying you can't guarantee that was the actual sound. I further fully agree about the cohesive chemistry Zeppelin possessed and this is what captured audiences and singled them out relative to other bands. The real point h
  2. I want to make some comments about Jimmy Page. I am a lifelong fan of Led Zeppelin and a lifelong guitarist. First, he was a top session guitarist. Not just a session guitarist but a top one. I have read comments by people in the record industry that he was "the best, period." My point here is that this ultra rigorous training would always stay ingrained in him. My opinion, and it is just that, is that the best live period was 69 to 73. After that, life events factors came into play. There are many bootleg recordings but my issue with these is the recording quality especially
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