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  1. I really enjoyed him speaking about how, on the first album, they were all able to play "as themselves." JHB as JHB, Jonesy as Jonesy etc. After doing sessions and having to play within the boundaries set by whomever they were jamming or recording with, as LZ, they were able to let their hair down and really express themselves and what they were capable of. The results speak for themselves. I'm sure most of us have heard or read how Bonham was often derided for his loud playing. Obviously, Page thought it was a plus.
  2. As a guitarist (tho not a real good one), IMTOD doesn't represent a really difficult composition. LOTS of breaks which can be difficult, but the riffs themselves are of the most basic pentatonic variety. Now, The Rain Song??? THERE'S a toughie. Easier to play in open tuning, but in standard tuning it's a challenge. But there's one thing I know for sure; They've ruined me for trying to write original songs. Every thing that I try to compose, I immediately compare to what they would have done and simply toss it. It's just too daunting to try to make something that will satisfy me like they do. And anything less is pointless. Like Page, Plant and Jones have said, "light and shade." A boring boogie woogie just won't do. I start everything that I try to write, thinking, "got to be a mellow part and got to be a heavy part."
  3. I'm only familiar with Pocket Full of Kryptonite. But I really like that album.
  4. Listening to the radio during my commute the other day and the Spin Doctors, Two Princes was played. Wow, haven't heard that in a while. And, I got to thinking, "that's the kind of lyrics that Plant could have written." Then, I got to thinking (being a guitarist) that one could make a medley mashup out of D'yer Maker and Two Princes as they're kind of the same song. Or am I imagining things??
  5. In my opinion, much of the Zep rip-off stuff comes as a result of the way the music industry used to (and perhaps still does) work. In the very early days of the band, Page and Plant wanted publishing credits because they could never be sure of what would be the staying power of the band. If you produce one or two albums that sell really well and then things taper off, well, you've still got royalties coming in from the publishing. Especially, if you're no longer touring. So they were keen to get their names on anything the band produced. Certainly, Page had seen many promising musicians end up in the poor house. Just look at Mick Taylor, who published very few original songs despite being, IMHO, the best guitarist the Stones ever had.
  6. Didn't read all posts yet: have the Zeppelin Hot Wheels been mentioned? Here a hot one; search YouTube for an old B-movie featuring Linda Carter aka Wonder Woman. While speaking with her mother at her closest, she briefly goes topless (nice) and there's a Zeppelin poster on the closet door.
  7. I would ask JPJ if he ever wished that he had played more keys during the live shows, just to fill in the middle. NEVER listen to live Zep on a cheap system as the bottom disappears.
  8. West of Atlanta, actually. North of Carrollton. But I work in the Big A.
  9. Singing to an ocean I can hear the ocean roar... Many have I loved....
  10. Old and new. The drummer in the photo was a guy named Eric Brewton, who played with the band Charlotte for a while. Deceased 2019. Also, as an aside, Charlie Sexton is my first cousin. If you know who that is.
  11. Hello from Atlanta.
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