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  1. As for Presence, I agree with PC; it's missing the elements of 'light and shade' that made the previous albums so outstanding. However, I don't think that it suffers much regardless. It's been in the cd player in my commuter for a couple of weeks. I never found it to be the instant classic like some of the earlier records but as the years passed I've really grown to enjoy it. For Your Life, Candy Store Rock, Royal Orleans, great tunes. Bonham was never better. ITTOD; I find I'm Gonna Crawl, In The Evening, Hot Dog enjoyable but not much else. My least favorite Zeppelin record.
  2. Has Page ever been asked in an interview about his technique for song writing? I've begun tuning several of my guitars in open tuning and find it so much easier that way to come up with hooks for tunes. I'm pretty sure that there are a number of Zep tunes played in open tuning, especially those featuring slide. But I wonder if he primarily wrote songs while using alternate tuning.
  3. He's not on the video at that point. No, I'm referring to the comments first, about improv and second about Plant using his voice as an instrument.
  4. You're right, of course, and I haven't smoked in decades. But when these albums came out I liberally participated in the scene and can attest to the "trip" that these songs were when high. But I feel that some of the things that makes them enjoyable to me now is the context, the history and the personalities. These guys were releasing albums all through my teens and every one was an event. If you don't have that I can understand that they could be difficult or impossible for some, to appreciate.
  5. I guess that YouTube channels featuring people reacting to their first time listening to various music have become very popular. But when, via algorithm suggestions (I guess), I get suggestions that feature people watching Zep, I sometimes cringe. Please don't watch DAC live and try to judge Zep by that. You really have to be STONED. And if you're not, you're NOT going to get it. Not throwing shade on the musicianship, but it's just a thing, ya know? I can dig it now, scrait (never go "straight," go scrait, yes?) but to be exposed to it for the first time, and scrait, no way. It's just not going to work. Even the studio version is best listened to with a bit of a bent mind. One can certainly gain, scrait, an appreciation without being a bit stoned but it would require several listenings and most people, if they don't get it the first time, won't give it a second chance. Great Gig in the Sky? Same thing. Anything on Bridge of Sighs? Same thing (unless you're a guitarist!!).
  6. YouTube is awash in Zep bootlegs these days. In some, Plant sounds pretty rough. Man, to try and do what he did, night after night, on the road, taking such poor care of ones self. It had to be tough. But, it really gives one perspective of his studio efforts. With the right conditions he spared nothing and just gave it all that he had. I mean those high, wailing notes. What a blessing that even during the early years, when they were recording while on tour, he was able to muster the chops to get that one-in-a-generation voice on tape.
  7. You want to hear some live tone pick up Fandango! Wow!
  8. Hey, just a fan spitballing. After all, Zep didn't write every great song, just most of them.
  9. Obviously they weren't a cover band. I'm just saying that there are a lot of songs that I really like that Zep could do so much better. I think of Trampled Under Foot and then of Locomotive Breath. Kind of a similar groove and Plant singing those lyrics would be awesome. In the shuffling madnessOf the locomotive breathRuns the all-time loserHeadlong to his deathOh, he feels the piston scrapingSteam breaking on his browOld Charlie stole the handleAnd the train — it won't stop goingNo way to slow downHe sees his children jumping offAt the stations one by oneHis woman and his best friendIn bed and having funOh, he's crawling down the corridorOn his hands and kneesOld Charlie stole the handle andThe train — it won't stop goingNo way to slow downHe hears the silence howlingCatches angels as they fallAnd the all-time winnerHas got him by the ballsOh, he picks up Gideon's BibleOpen at page oneI thank God he stole the handle andThe train — it won't stop goingNo way to slow down
  10. About the charges of plagiarism. But what if Zep had done an album or 5 of covers of their contemporaries? For example? A Zep version of Locomotive Breath? Or perhaps, Every Time I Roll the Dice? Working Man? Or how about Plant singing Cherry Bomb (Jones wearing out a mandolin!!)? Or, Glory Days? Superstition? My head spins.....
  11. I really enjoyed him speaking about how, on the first album, they were all able to play "as themselves." JHB as JHB, Jonesy as Jonesy etc. After doing sessions and having to play within the boundaries set by whomever they were jamming or recording with, as LZ, they were able to let their hair down and really express themselves and what they were capable of. The results speak for themselves. I'm sure most of us have heard or read how Bonham was often derided for his loud playing. Obviously, Page thought it was a plus.
  12. As a guitarist (tho not a real good one), IMTOD doesn't represent a really difficult composition. LOTS of breaks which can be difficult, but the riffs themselves are of the most basic pentatonic variety. Now, The Rain Song??? THERE'S a toughie. Easier to play in open tuning, but in standard tuning it's a challenge. But there's one thing I know for sure; They've ruined me for trying to write original songs. Every thing that I try to compose, I immediately compare to what they would have done and simply toss it. It's just too daunting to try to make something that will satisfy me like they do. And anything less is pointless. Like Page, Plant and Jones have said, "light and shade." A boring boogie woogie just won't do. I start everything that I try to write, thinking, "got to be a mellow part and got to be a heavy part."
  13. I'm only familiar with Pocket Full of Kryptonite. But I really like that album.
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