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  1. Hi guys, i love listening and playing this Song, '73 versions are my favorites, but which one do you think has the the best solo from Page? My favorites are 27/7/1973 (fits perfect,much Better than the original solo of the song), 28/7, 29/7, Mobile 5/13, Seattle 17/7. Tell me about your bests versions! PS Sorry for my bad english ☹️
  2. It isn't the One used on the 2007 release for sure... Just listen to It... Completely different... Is the audio coming from the 1976 release?
  3. Ok but the quality on this video Is excellent, so where did they get the soundboard? And why they used that source?
  4. Sure man, i came across this movie on YouTube randomly, and the question came to me... Usually I listen to the "heywood" remaster, which features complete versions, correct "celebration day", and some other things... Honestly i don't know why they chopped out almost middle of black dog on the movie...
  5. Hello everybody, i want to know a simple thing about this video: https://youtu.be/zmtoijKV1HA The video comes from the 2007's release but what about the audio? It's definetly not the One of the new release, where does It come from? "The garden tapes" doesn't have that quality.... PS Sorry for me english i'm italian...
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