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  1. I think the way page looked quite possibly had something to do with it as well. For example, if you go on any video of the STH performance on YouTube, there’s endless comments insulting page for playing terribly and looked very intoxicated - which he may well have been, but the solo and the playing during that song in general, wasn’t too bad and wasn’t actually really sloppy at all, as you’ve said.
  2. Hi! I'm fairly new here. Achilles is probably my favourite. Nice to see someone else that loves that one too. Been a big fan for a number of years. I'd say my fav album is probably either Houses of the Holy or Led Zep 4, though 2 of my favourite songs are on presence (Achilles & Tea for One).
  3. This is a fairly old thread, but I felt that I may as well add to it. In my opinion, I'd put TSRTS at number 1, with Earl's court at number 2, though it's really tough. O2 is also pretty good and the solo is nice and consistent, with great vocal delivery from plant. However, the solo is quite reserved, and very short at about 50 seconds, so this brings it to 3rd place. Knebworth is probably the worst of the lot. The solo from the 2nd is hard to listen to. The first night has a lot of nice licks in the solo, but it goes at the bottom because there was some noticeably sloppy playing. The re
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