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  1. I realise it's pretty old topic, but I (want to) hope there might be. We just cannot predict when. Never say never. As you see no one could imagine corona coming in 2020 and here we are now, no one knows what will follow later this year, next year, next decade. I think nowadays culture is over the top in everywhere: in music that is popular, in movies, in beauty standards and fashion, in way people act and react. We cannot remain that plastic and unnaturally sleek forever, I guess one day the whole industry and standard of perfect beauty with safe stuff will burst. We cannot live in one big fake-happy bubble forever, there must be someone who will stand out imho just like Nirvana or Zep or Bowie with his androgynous crazy style, there must come someone who will say loud 'fuck this shit, I wanna be ugly and crazy and do whatever I feel, not what these fed up with plastic roses idiots want to hear'. And I think we can help it, we shall support independent artists who cares for real music/filmmaking/writing/arts, we shall invest our money in them, help to spread their names, educate ourselves and people around us to help real art rise again imho.
  2. Hi everyone, Maybe it's not the best place to post such a question but I'll try since I don't know anybody irl who can help. I decided I want to connect my life with music as much as possible but I doubt I can set a band/ make money like this so I want to stick to sound engineering or anything similar. I love music in general, I love it behind the scene and I love to learn how it is made, however I cannot afford to study engineering and I don't have any experience with it, know no one in this field. My plan was to try to get a roadie job and than meet more people in the industry, try to help them with different duties setting up the stage for gig etc, etc. Any advise? Or maybe I have wrong impression and actually getting into music engineering isn't that hard? Also I want to mention that I'm not from EU/US, I live in Czech Republic right now but still too far from getting their citizenship. Do the roadies get special visas? How do I manage this? I know you might advice me to get roadie job in my country instead yet it's pretty impossible and our music scene is poor af, plus I don't want to get back cause the whole situation in my country is far from okay unfortunately and I don't want to die starving in there. Any advice will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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