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  1. I just read several books on LZ. I'm left with these questions. 1. How was LZ's music different from that of say, the Beatles, Stones, Floyd, and other bands of the time. I'll take a stab at answering this. LZ, unlike those bands, brought old American blues (e.g. Willie Dixon) into the fray, albeit played heavier than the old blues artists who were often playing acoustic. LZ also pioneered music that was loud. LZ pioneered music that was guitar riff based (though the latter no one ever really did quite like them). Lastly, LZ branched into multiple genres like few other bands: acoustic (LZ3), funk (The Crunge, Candy Store Rock), rockabilly (Rock & Roll, Hot Dog) etc. Is that a good answer? Can someone beat it? Are there any good analyses out there (maybe in book form) that analyze the music well (rather than just the salacious groupie stories)? 2. How did LZ impact later bands? Exactly which popular bands of later days were most influenced by LZ? Was AC/DC influenced by them? If so, how? And to what extent did rock music go the opposite direction? For example, a couple of the books on LZ that I read portrayed punk as a rebellion against bands like LZ. Was this so? Because it sounded to me like LZ invented the punk rock sound with Communication Breakdown. What the hell was glam rock, and was that a rebellion against LZ? Or did LZ pioneer it with their flashy dragon suits? I know that many bands cite LZ as an influence but LZ's music, to me, sounds unique from any other band. 3. Are there any good "History of Rock" books or documentaries out there? As in a book/documentary on the development of rock music as a whole (besides just LZ)? This question is inspired because I just discovered Pink Floyd and can't believe that I had never really heard of them. I want to consume a good, comprehensive narrative of the rock & roll genre, its elements, and its change over time? For example, at what point did big stage productions become a thing? etc. 4. A Random Question - What is known about the LZ stage productions? What were the productions like? How elaborate were they compared to that of other bands of the day (Pink Floyd) and why? For what sort of venues was LZ best suited (arenas, stadiums etc.)? I ask that last question because you can't really sing along to LZ songs. LZ doesn't have a "We Will Rock You" or "Living on a Prayer" that demands audience participation. They have nothing that gets you dancing. So I frankly fail to see how the music translates to any venue much bigger than a small auditorium. That is not to bash the music. It just seems me as music that fits best in a small venue.
  2. Unbelievable answers, Blue-Eyed Merle. Thank you very much.
  3. 1. Which books should I read to understand the band? I realize the Stephen Davis book (Hammer of the Gods) is controversial, so I'll probably skip it. I currently own Dave Lewis' The Tight But Loose Files: A Celebration, which I highly recommend. I just ordered Led Zeppelin All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Track, which arrives tomorrow. I probably won't buy the band's new photo book because it's just pictures. 2. Any really good coverage of the O2 show? I read a dozen reviews of it. Has anything more substantial been published that gives info about the show (and/or the "Celebration Day" releases, which I love)? 3. What are the band's biggest hits? It seems to me Led Zeppelin had 4 songs that resonated far more than the rest. "Stairway" was the biggest song despite not being a single. "Rock & Roll" would be their second biggest hit because it was the next biggest song on their biggest selling album. Their first song to chart in America, I believe, was "Whole Lotta Love", so I'll call that their third biggest hit. Then Black Dog. And that's their clear top 4 hits. Fair to say? 4. How do you get your friend who doesn't like LZ, and prefers hummable/singalong music, to like them? My plan is to give that friend "Celebration Day". Good plan? 5. Nicking other aritsts? I'm not bothered by the plagiarism accusations because I think LZ always put their own spin on the music. Many of the songs they supposedly nicked sound nothing like the LZ version. I'm wondering if there are any songs where you're particularly bothered by the similarity with another song. 6. To what extent did Page vs. Plant write the songs' vocal melodies? I know Page wrote most of the music but what about the vocal melodies. 7. What do you make of Robert Plant's talent? Note: this might sound a little harsh. I apologize for that. I'll preface that I've never heard a great LZ cover and I think a lot of that is because no one can replicate how stunning Plant sounded. However, he's pitchy in old live recordings. Plus, his voice weakened dramatically around 73 and from then on it sounded like he was trying to sing songs he didn't have the strength for. What is your frank assessment of his ability?
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