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  1. I love this one taken by Jorgen Angel at K. B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 28, 1970. Its also the show where they we're billed as "The Nobs" to avoid Eva Von Zeppelin from suing. She came to the back of the venue to meet the band. Everything was fine until she saw their cover of Zeppelin 1 and she blew up at the band, which caused them to leave.
  2. I don't think really any band has used that tech. 70 mm takes a huge budget to film and a pretty big crew. There has been some footage of the Wall concerts but they just aren't lit correctly to be seen on film so that why Roger hasn't released it. Its really amazing how far we've come with scanning film. I thought the footage from the Eight Days A Week looked pretty insanely clear. Stuff like that just gets me excited at how great this stuff could look and I think I said the same when I saw TSRTS on blu ray.
  3. Yeah, you're right about the 70 mm film aspect but that would be pretty insane if they had that for a Zeppelin concert. Anyway I just made that as a comparison about preserving and cleaning up film, sorry if I made a bad comparison. I still think that TSRTS looks great remastered on 35 mm. I still think the same could hold true for RAH or even the Bath concert (if we ever see what it looks like).
  4. If they went back to the film then I think it could look really amazing. I would assume that since they rescanned it in 03 then they probably made copies of it. We've come very very far in our technology to preserve film since then. TSRTS looks super awesome remastered and it just goes to show that something shot all the way back could still look fantastic. If anyone wants any examples of what I'm talking about, my prime example would be the Apollo 11 documentary that paramount made last year. All the footage is from 1969 and it looks absolutely jaw dropping. Its a true testament at how far we've come with this technology and I would love this to be implemented with the RAH performance. I think its awesome that Zeppelin has been documented so much on film and audio. The only thing I would hope if they ever touched the RAH footage or any footage is that they don't mess with the aspect ratio.
  5. That's why I'm excited to see what they release when the documentary comes out. They were hyping up them remastering all of this early unseen stuff so I think that's bound to happen.
  6. Yeah Knebworth and Earls Court would be awesome to see get worked on. I think TSRTS is already fine and I love the resteration they did for the blu ray and the album. The only thing I can see them doing with that is doing a 4k remaster of the film. I think the early unseen stuff is being restored for the documentary. I think maybe that's why its been in post production for so long and missed its release date maybe because they are remastering a bunch of early stuff to release next to the film. I'm really curious to see what comes out for that especially with the unreleased early footage of Bonham talking about the band. The Baths concert would be a holy grail release especially if the band got the rights to the film. I think that would be excellent to see.
  7. I know that they headlined Royal Albert Hall in 69 but I don't know if there are any professional recordings of that event. If their 1970 performance was released then I think they could do a deluxe version like they did with the remasters. I would love to hear what they sounded on their first visit. I've listened to the Bristol 1970 performance and I agree that performance is really awesome, but I only know that its a bootleg recording. If the 1970 RAH show were to be remastered then I hope it would lead to more archived recorded concerts to be unearthed and worked on. I only know of the 1970 RAH performance to only be released on the dvd in 2003. I don't think a lot of people would be disappointed, I think a lot of people like myself love that show and if they remaster it then they may add some lost tracks like the unfinished recording of Heartbreaker. Its all speculation since the only person who would really knows is Jimmy. If the bristol show were to be released then I think it would be like the deluxe version of Led Zeppelin 1 where they included their 69 Paris concert which was really cool to hear. It seems that the RAH performance was a big deal to the band since on the 50th anniversary of the performance, Jimmy had this to say about it on his Instagram. " Every member of the band was nervous and for good reason. We had played the Albert Hall previously on the Pop Proms, but today in 1970 we were to headline our own show at the most prestigious venue at that time. During the previous year we had been putting in a lot of time in America and recorded the second album, released on 22nd October 1969. It was going to be a critical test of our ability; not only to our fans, but to the press and our families and all in attendance that evening. That evening I met Charlotte, my daughter Scarlet's mother." So from that plus all the research I've conducted over the years, I get a sense that this was a big deal to the band. I'm not saying that other shows shouldn't be released. I think that since the band was working on recovering and remastering a bunch of stuff for the documentary, that they may release a early years box set from all the archived stuff from the documentary. At least that's what I hope, but any new Zeppelin stuff is good. I just want this concert as an album is all. It just doesn't make any sense why they haven't. I hope something like this would lead to more live albums to be released.
  8. Yeah I understand they released it on dvd. Hell I think most people on this forum have audio ripped the concert from the dvd. I'm not saying that other concerts don't deserve to be released but this one is one of their most complete and it was a big deal for them to preform there as headliners. I'm just saying it should be an album already, I shouldn't have to find a dvd from 2003 to listen to it. Plus it was professionally filmed and it would look great if they rescanned the footage for an hd release.
  9. Exactly, I know the concert is easy to access but its been 50 years and it at least deserves to be released as a real album. They have the recordings and the footage of the show plus it was 50 years ago this year.
  10. So any updates? I really hooe this isn't in development hell.
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