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  1. I would love a link to this!!
  2. I was browsing through and found this photo of Robert. Decided to repair it and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  3. I think topaz is a great piece of software that is available. I have used it to upscale some things here and there but it definitely takes some tinkering to do to get the final result just right. Though the software isn't perfect its an amazing step forward towards AI upscaling that can be used to bring things that would be impossible to see in better quality to look amazing! I think Nvidia using their DLSS upscaling for games is best view for the future of what AI upscaling can do. Its insane to the point where the AI upscale looks better than the native 4k version. Absolutely insane possibil
  4. Absolutely one of my favorites. Its nice to see them just enjoying themselves, especially Bonzo with his big smile.
  5. Decker70

    MSG 1973 ?

    Tried color correcting these a little bit.
  6. So I have been diving into finding the mot recent sources for the Bath 70 performance. I have read a lot into this forum about the in and outs about there being a possibility of a soundboard recording since there were extra mics on stage. Now I know that there is no actual audio proof recording that is from "the" soundboard and so I have been on the search for any new sources or remasters. It seems that I can't find this new remaster of the first source this thread has brought up and I am very curious to hear the sound difference since some claim that its an actual improvement over the origina
  7. Does anyone have isolated tracks of Bonhams drum tracks? I've seen on youtube that a user kiboko, has released a few isolated tracks from Bonzo and sound. I listen to them and I'm obsessed with it. Does anyone know if there is an offical isolated track from Good Times Bad Times and Dazed and Confused?
  8. I love this one taken by Jorgen Angel at K. B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 28, 1970. Its also the show where they we're billed as "The Nobs" to avoid Eva Von Zeppelin from suing. She came to the back of the venue to meet the band. Everything was fine until she saw their cover of Zeppelin 1 and she blew up at the band, which caused them to leave.
  9. I don't think really any band has used that tech. 70 mm takes a huge budget to film and a pretty big crew. There has been some footage of the Wall concerts but they just aren't lit correctly to be seen on film so that why Roger hasn't released it. Its really amazing how far we've come with scanning film. I thought the footage from the Eight Days A Week looked pretty insanely clear. Stuff like that just gets me excited at how great this stuff could look and I think I said the same when I saw TSRTS on blu ray.
  10. Yeah, you're right about the 70 mm film aspect but that would be pretty insane if they had that for a Zeppelin concert. Anyway I just made that as a comparison about preserving and cleaning up film, sorry if I made a bad comparison. I still think that TSRTS looks great remastered on 35 mm. I still think the same could hold true for RAH or even the Bath concert (if we ever see what it looks like).
  11. If they went back to the film then I think it could look really amazing. I would assume that since they rescanned it in 03 then they probably made copies of it. We've come very very far in our technology to preserve film since then. TSRTS looks super awesome remastered and it just goes to show that something shot all the way back could still look fantastic. If anyone wants any examples of what I'm talking about, my prime example would be the Apollo 11 documentary that paramount made last year. All the footage is from 1969 and it looks absolutely jaw dropping. Its a true testament at how far we
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