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  1. I don't know if this link has been found but i saw it today and didn't feel like going through the 62 pages to see http://blog.muchmusic.com/archives/2008/10...usive_led_z.php
  2. i didnt read them all so i dont know if this was said or not. But i would honestly ask robert if his good friends JB was still alive would this tour happen or not? I think it would be interesting to see what he would have to say if all original members were on board except him. (and im not blaming him for not touring he has a good thing going with Ak im just wondering)
  3. Kashmir with the the band on my drums. Why because in the Live versions Bonham has so much freedom to what he plays and i like to put in all the fills he has.
  4. The tribute band Get the Led Out is comming to my school next february. I was just wondering if any of you all have seen them and your opinion on going to the show or not if it would be worth my while? Thanks
  5. i voted for GTC but i didnt see anyone mention Iron Butterfly- Inna Gadda da vida spelling may be off the guy coudlnt even pronounce the words i mean come on that pretty crazy.
  6. Why are people blaming allison for all of this did we forget the new drummer for LZ Jason is in a band called foreigner and they have tour dates for this spring are working on european festivals in the summer then come back to the US till o september 20th so like JP said well see around september what is going on. So it isnt jus RP/AK Jason has to fulfill his duties to his band as well.
  7. HOT DOG!!!!!!!!! nothings else needs to be said what an interesting song for LZ to come up with definately a fun album. Always enjoyed it especially seeing hot dog live at knebworth on you tube is always a classic to watch.
  8. I thought the set list was just fine although they should of played Hot Dog what a funny suprising addition that would of been.
  9. he never said he wasnt thinkin about zep he just said hes on another project right now this is for the future and he said its nice to be with those guys n to make things right
  10. my bad just saw it was posted earlier just the excitement got to me before i looked forgive me
  11. i wasnt sure if this was posted or not yet but there is hope for the future keep your fingers crossed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3tMKDcMScI "never know whats around the corner" Kashmir RPs song of choice good pick
  12. well supposedly what has been comming up is RPs illigetiment son J from Mean Values i haven't heard this sons band, does anyone know if theyd be a good warm up like Sting had his kid for The Polices reunion tour.
  13. I like this interview they were intersested in the show and didnt pressure him Im interested in reading the Interview from Jimmy Page in the Classic Rock Magazine that came out today or comes out tomorrow
  14. dont know if you looked already but $30 http://www.fye.com/viewfdsearch.htm?moreHi...lectors+edition theres the info
  15. I saw some at FYE the other Day so check at a store like that by u or go to FYE.com i would say
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