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  1. Samantha Maloney....what a badass!! ...."It's all about John Bonham!" "Everything you need to know as a drummer, just listen to Led Zeppelin and you'll learn it!" Kudos to Taylor Hawkins, Jim Keltner , Roger Taylor, Chad Smith and Stewart Copeland as well...Copeland's reaction to Bonzo's playing is hilarious! But right now, I'm going to go listen to more of Samantha....rock on!!
  2. Chad Smith often referred to Bonzo as having " the style and sound that was so clearly identifiable to one person" ....Dave Grohl and other drummers have made similar statements regarding the singularity of his sound and to me, first and foremost, it is his snare sound. I am not a drummer but there is something about his snare that screams Bonham. I know when the "'Bonham sound" is discussed in general you hear about his drums being tuned high and other things including the miking techniques that we all have read about a thousand times but to me the first snare hit is it.....
  3. Agreed....American Epic was incredibly well done...worth watching if you haven't seen it.
  4. There's your screening.... Fantasia sequences....uh-oh! I'm sure the Spinal Tap pretensions of TSRTS will be avoided at all costs....save for Bonzo! And hopefully some of the lag time was spent restoring the Bath Festival performance for official consumption....here we go!
  5. No....we can't even find Bigfoot let alone converse with ET...and I wonder why.....??
  6. St. Tristan's Sword.... The amazing instrumental chemistry on full display....even in a "bottom of the bin" rough mix!
  7. Impossible, but that's what makes this fun....I converted a couple of hardcore grunge fans a few years ago with Bonzo's crossover triplets right after the solo and during the bridge back to the main riff....Dazed and Confused...studio version. Most underrated....if that's possible...OUT ON THE TILES....in it's entirety..... New entry...NIGHT FLIGHT....seriously! Wearing and Tearing...why did he think he had lost it? Scariest ....besides the Apocalypse Now backbeat of WTLB.....IMTOD....brutal and brilliant!! Lastly....every one of his parts mentioned in prior posts.
  8. Agreed.....much better. But then again, WIC is a very low bar.
  9. Great to hear....too many details to shrug off for the naysayers. I appreciate your diligence, reids. This is probably my favorite post Zep project this side of TCV....to me it marked the return of the Riffmeister(Absolution Blues, baby!) and there's no doubt it got Plant's attention....C/P blows away the snoozefest on "Clarksdale"......How's that for trying to stir up the haters, or the so called ZEP purists, or the David Coverversion acolytes who refuse to admit that it was Coverdale who pulled this out of Pagey....and I don't even like Whitesnake.
  10. There's something else I forgot about.....the possibility of live stuff. I have the C/P Osaka live boot and it's good, Pagey is in fine form.
  11. Thanks for the clarification, Reids...hoping for a good deal more than what I already have with the Collectors CD single box set I picked up quite awhile ago...3 versions of "Take Me for a Little While" and the guitar crunch mix of "Shake My Tree". So my mantra going forward on this will be "Saccharin" and beyond.....
  12. Glad you posted this, Reids....saw this the other day and was hoping it would come to fruition. We'll see but this would be a perfect opportunity for JP to finally follow through (I know) on something worthwhile...Hell, just give me an official release of Saccharin in a guitar crunch mix or whatever....I'd be all in just for that. What a riff....Pure Pagey!
  13. Great work as always, Steve....can I get a link? Thank you so much!
  14. Fantastic stuff.....especially love TYG; all the layers and nuances of one of Zep's best intact and expertly delivered!! Keep 'em coming....
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