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  1. Somehow I remember a reviewer's line regarding FYL....Plant "boringly moaning coital groans"....we might be talking about the same review. I thought the song was much better live at the O2 reunion....especially Plant.
  2. The problem with Presence is Plant...his vocals are flat and seemingly uninspired. I know he was singing from a wheelchair and does an ok job on ALS singing in what Lisa Robinson of Creem called his "best sail away voice", whatever that is. Royal Orleans, For Your Life, NFBM...which I still love... suffer from a lack of tunefulness and range that tends to undermine the efforts of the rest of the band. Hots On For Nowhere is his best vocal on the album and that song is much better off for it. ITTOD is obviously a much different album instrumentally and Plant is much better even though some curious choices on the mixing lessens his vocal impact....see Carouselambra and In the Evening.
  3. I know it's an article from 2018...that's why it was referenced. Simply a response to some of the speculation here and on the lawsuit thread regarding material that was planned but possibly held up because of litigation. This sounded a bit different because it wasn't the usual vague mumbo jumbo from Page....just saying his specificity suggesting a multi-track release that was different than HTWWW or TSRTS might be noteworthy... that's all.
  4. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8099675/led-zeppelin-new-project-no-tour-jimmy-page-interview What about this unusually specific reference by Page to the multi track that will be released? Maybe the time has come...
  5. The most shocking aspect of all this is that I didn't think Stephen Colbert....being the musicologist that he is...could ever be wrong!! "They're screwed" - Stephen Colbert commenting on Zeppelin's fate on his Late Show. "Colbert is a dumbass." -Butthead (a real expert in the field of stupidity)
  6. Studio....hands down SIBLY 1)Live...No Quarter TSRTS ....Whichever edit you prefer 2) BIGLY...Page/Plant 1998 Paris Amnesty International Concert Honorable Mention...Hairway to Steven...HTWWW Heartbreaker could get messy sometimes but it was incredible when Page was locked in...
  7. Yes...this is very good news...news on something we know actually exists and not just a hopeful desire to be seen doing something soon statement from Pagey. I always try to apply Jonesy wisdom to things like this and remind myself of his "Zeppelin time" statement. Obviously, the Covid impact on unfinished works is profound...I wonder if these European archive houses are repositories for concert films or something less essential like venue shots of K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen as an example?
  8. Compared to the all the incendiary '71 versions, TSRTS version is awful....not even up to the standard of a sound check which is mostly down to Plant's extremely lazy vocal. Percy should not get a pass on this even though there are extenuating circumstances with his voice...I remember my disappointment when hearing this for the first time in '76, especially given all the excitement surrounding their first official live release.
  9. I would really appreciate a link....thanks so much!
  10. Hi Steve, this sounds amazing... I would love a link as well. Thanks so much!
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