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  1. Hello Steve! Thank you again. Send me a link, please.
  2. Steve, I've just finished. Awesome. One of the best you've done.
  3. Steve, please send me a link. Great another one.
  4. Hi Steve. Send me a link, please. Thanks!!!!!
  5. Jimmy Page was awarded an an honorary doctorate at Berklee College of Music. Steve Vai was asked to write something to be read while Page received the honor. Reportedly, it brought the house down... twice. Following is Vai's quote: "In the physical universe, there are objects that include suns, planets, all life, and all matter in all dimensions. And then there is the space where all these things exist. That space is the vital element. For virtually every kid since 1968 who picked up a guitar to find his voice on the instrument, Jimmy Page has been the space that enables all our notes to be played." On May 9th (2014), Page received an honourary doctor of music degree at the Berklee School Of Music and delivered a commencement speech to more than 4,000 attendees at the Agganis Arena in Boston. Page was overwhelmed with the proceedings and stated that "music has so much power over so many avenues. Bringing joy and pleasure to other people … you can't get much better than that."
  6. It looks very good. Thanks. I would like a link.
  7. Hello Steve I would like a link please. Thanks it sounds great.
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