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  1. So back in the late 90s I worked in radio in Hartford, CT and sold a carload of my station's old reel to reel master tapes that I had transferred to DAT to a tape collector in Washington, DC. Guy had a ridiculous reel to reel setup and was a bigtime collector, he spent 3 grand on the tapes I sold him. During our meeting to exchange the tapes he started asking me if I knew anything about Zeppelin and live recordings (it was, unknown to him, my specialty). He was more a of Dead guy, where basically all of their shows were recorded and available for trade. He told me of a fellow named "Arizon
  2. This has been the most popular video on my YouTube page for a while. I used some great live footage of the boys from '69-80. See if you can spot the secret reference to Zeppelin II I snuck in... https://youtu.be/8j7oT2I8Nz8
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