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  1. Sameeee! I love Robert's loud howls man. Also they cover the Beatles and Elvis in "Whole Lotta Love". That was a huge bonus not in HTWWW. Also "Louie, Louie" took the cake for me. Candle over HTWWW anyday.
  2. Hello. As much as I'd love a full release of this magnificent show. Its highly likely Jimmy won't rerelease it. However. I do have what is known to be the the most complete recording of this performance. It includes a portion of "Organ Solo/Thank You" on it. Some patches from the lost sessions that add more to listen to on a couple songs. Including the full version of "Long Tall Sally" with the audience patches. Unfortunately we may never hear "Since I've Been Loving You" from this night. If you do want a link let me know.
  3. Rainbow Elf. There is a blogspot website I use to download my bootlegs. In the files the songs arent number but the discs are in order and in your media player the songs are numbered correctly so it makes it easier to rename them in the File Explorer or whatever program you use
  4. If it is possible can you email a link for both Knebworth shows? Please and Thank You
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