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  1. HI, I'd love a link to this please. Your previous remaster work is fantastic, cheers, john
  2. if this is still available can I have a link please? The previous one from 71 was amazing
  3. thank you. I managed to get a download sorted. Appreciate the info. john
  4. thanks, I was looking for somewhere that I could download them.
  5. Hi, more of a lurker than poster here, so apologies if this has been answered before ( i have searched and found some answers) I'm getting back into listening to my LZ albums and really had a soft spot for TSRTS , recalling me getting the cassettes the Christmas after it came out. I'm looking for your opinions and (if possible) links to the best sounding boots from these shows. I recently got a recording of "The Garden Tapes" are there better sounding discs out there? I also came across this on youtube yesterday, it appears to be a recent upload and it's very nice sounding. I looked on Dime but couldnt find anything. Any help appreciated folks john
  6. this clip sounds great, is the full 75 show available yet? I loved the 71 show john
  7. This is one of my first posts here so go easy on me hahahha... My version of LZII that I bought on cassette in 1974 has this running order.. A1 Whole Lotta Love A2 Moby Dick A3 Killing Floor A4 Heartbreaker B1 What Is And What Should Never Be B2 Thank You B3 Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just A Woman) B4 Ramble On B5 Bring It On Home when I got the cd years later it just sounded wrong ! I sequence it this way now as my brain needs this order....
  8. I'm new here too! Would love to hear this if the offer is still available, thanks. john
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