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  1. You seem to have some real issues bud and it appears you feel there is a different set of rules for you compared to everyone else. That's fine, if you wish to be nasty and inappropriate, whatever.
  2. Bingo! This thread is about drumming and who's opinion is expert? A drummer! The man knows his stuff.
  3. Pointing out the rules is playing an equal part? That is a silly comment.
  4. It also comes down to basic respect which is sorely in desperate need in this day and age. Someone says "please stop playing my songs, " you stop playing their songs, plain and simple. Only a trashy person would continue to play a song after the artist requests them to stop.
  5. Jesus Christ, that's it. What part of NO POLITICS are you having a problem misunderstanding???? You should be embarrassed by such a rude, nasty, ignorantly moronic comment.
  6. The I suggest you take your "enthusiasm" to a political forum as your "enthusiasm" is a violation of forum rules.
  7. The is a huge difference between opinion and horrid disrespect.
  8. This is an incorrect statement as Bonzo did indeed play in polyrhythms on several Zep tunes such as Fool in the Rain & Hots on for Nowhere just to name two. Then there are several songs where Bonzo is in one time while Page & Jones are playing in another. Zep did some seriously complicated stuff while making it sound simple. Therein lay one of the genius and musicianship of Zeppelin.
  9. What exactly is that supposed to mean? I assume you picked the wrong emoji and did not notice because anyone who would post that on a RIP thread would be a disgusting imitation of a human being and I know you would never stoop to such a low. Please let everyone know this was a mistake.
  10. People who decide to live in such areas (I live in forestry as well, not in Cali though) need to understand the potential dangers and accept those dangers. Same as people living in trailer parks along tornado alley, living close to major fault lines, volcanos, and hurricane zones. IMO, if a wildfire burned down my home you sure would not see me on the news crying and wailing about how tragic this is (it is but that is not the point). I would be saying that I chose to live here, knew the risks and oh well, time to move on. Then again where I live the forestry is managed very well and major firebreaks are required.
  11. Don't mind me, I am simply confused most of the time
  12. Hey there Mr. Jones. Japanese culture is fascinating and I wondered if cities such as Tokyo have street gangs like the Crips, Bloods, etc.? I know about the organized crime syndicates (Yakuza), but I never knew if they had punks running the streets, slinging dope, and doing drive-by's.
  13. Mr.Bones


    I thought there was a no politics, no racism rule? Can we please not talk about such subjects as it never ends well.
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