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  1. The wife is really into House of Lies on Showtime but I just can't stand it. Has a great cast (who does not like Do Cheadle?) but almost every character is a complete piece of shit including Cheadle. I am sure there is going to be some "redemptive arc" within a season or two but watching non-stop extreme narcissistic behaviors and everyone acting as if they were in the mean girls / bully boys club. Forget it.
  2. Damn right, free market, Weed-Wars 2021. Get a bunch of different distributors in price wars and Pineapple Express and OG Diesel will be $5 a gram 😉
  3. Last time it was on the ballot is was defeated by the pro-weed lobby because part of the initiative was that only one company would control all the weed in AZ. Prop 207 does not have such a provision so it passed. So, this is actually the fourth time weed legalization has passed since the 90's, the other three times it passed the governor overruled the will of the people (so much for democracy). Douchey will not be so stupid to overrule the people because big weed is ready to come in and make a killing. Once business and corporate America is on board you know that shit is gonna become legal.
  4. Hey man, I am bones, just some rando dead guy hanging out so I know a real spook when I see one 😉
  5. Meh, that whole "haunting" was just BS, made up by the jerk and his wife who bought the home after the murders. None of the stuff in the book or the movie actually happened. I do think those Dutch Colonial houses do look a wee bit evil when seen from a certain angle though.
  6. Jimmy did say he was aware of spirits in the house, maybe they preferred the Dave Clark Five and Jimmy couldn't take it anymore? Either that or he paid for the most expensive AirBnB stay in history?
  7. Supposedly, over the entirety of his ownership of the property, about three weeks in total.
  8. The new season of Fargo. It's ok, but it seems like most new series are just new versions of earlier series.
  9. I think you need to put down the blunt for a few days.
  10. When they were filming Casino on location in Vegas, when Pesci walked into the Stardust (filming location for the fictional Tangiers and actual casino where everything took place), one of the long-time pit bosses almost shit himself as he said Pesci was a dead ringer for Anthony Spilotro (the Nicky Santoro character) and seeing him made the pit boss a wee bit "uncomfortable."
  11. Jesus, everything from that show is brilliant, one of their best shows. Jimmy does this part, about 2 minutes long close to the end of WS/BMS that sounds almost exactly like Into Dust by Mazzy Starr. The leggato part Page does in Heartbreaker is perfect and sounds like EVH's inspiration for his tapping technique, plus the note-perfect Buree'. Page was razor sharp, Plant was inhuman, Jones & Bonzo fantastic. The boot is good for the guitar & vocal but the drums and bass are way too low.
  12. Winterized the house, fixed an outside hose bib which was leaking, and installed a new Kitchen faucet. Got Shit Done!
  13. I watch ALL the mob movies 😉 Its my favorite genre of movie. The whole concept of giving the middle finger to the "squares" working theirs assess off day in, day out while eating copious amounts of shit just gets me. Yeah, these guys were mostly assholes, violent assholes at that but, the idea of doing what you want when you want while only taking a little shit from a select few sounds pretty damn good to me. Not the violent part, that's why I could never be a G. The thing is though, the mob does no go looking for business, the business comes to them. You go into their world you know what you are signing up for, no sympathy from me from those who wind up in a hole for messing around with the wrong people. For a serious mob movie, check out Dogs. It's about the Romanian mafia.
  14. The Irish gangsters post-1940's were mostly sociopathic knuckeheads who barely eeked out a living. Whereas most of the Italian & Russian gangsters only killed when necessary (mostly, not always) and as a result made considerably more money, the Irish default reaction to pretty much anything was kill, kill, kill. Outside of the Jamaicans, Hattians, and the Central American cartels, the Irish mob was the most brutal, and arguably the least successful.
  15. What I always loved about Dolly is she is just so damn nice in public, does not go for the "I'm a big star" nonsense, and always places business over ego. When that lovely lady Whitney Houston used her tune for The Bodyguard and then talked trash about how amazing her (WH) version was compared to Dolly's version, and that Dolly's version could not touch hers, what did Dolly do? Not what just about any other performer would do, nope, she publicly said Whitney was right and that Whitney's version was better...then laughed all the way to the bank as Whitney's version sold millions. Most musicians would have involved themselves in some petty pissing contest but not Dolly. Not just classy but smart. and yes, Tom Parker, aka Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk, was indeed a massive piece of shit. Too bad Elvis did not have him whacked, Elvis might still be with us today.
  16. Dolly is not only a great musician and performer, but possibly the smartest, best business-person in music hands down.
  17. I dunno about that, if she would only lower that confounded drawbridge I bet she could warm ya up 😉
  18. I thought this little experiment rather interesting...
  19. I am usually a bit of a joker so take most of what I say with a wee pinch of salt 🙂 That aside I actually like Enya's music. She is a bit of an odd duck to say the least. She lives in a castle all by her lonesome in Killiney, County Dublin. She also does not perform live since her time in Clannad, though she has done some one-off's over the years.
  20. Except for Machine Gun & parts of Voodoo Chile, Hendrix was not really into the hyperdrive playing. In the instances he does fly its rare and short. Never would consider Hendrix a shredder and thank god for that as shredding for shredding sake does nothing for me. Give me Eddie Hazel over Blackmore any day, and I like Blackmore for the most part. There are some amazingly fast country pickers such as Chet Atkins & Roy Clark who were wringing that neck in the early 60's and possibly earlier. Though they always used that clean country tone and country shredding is much more playful sounding to my ear than metal shredding. Same with Les Paul, some amazingly fast runs but always clean. For me that is the difference between the fast country & jazz players (John McLaughlin & Larry Carlton, that's you) and the rock / metal shredders. The metal shredders are like Kill, Kill, Kill aggressive sounding solos, the country / jazz players always work with what the song needs and are much more lyrical IMO.
  21. What I don't understand about the Queen movie especially is how factually inaccurate it was and obviously so to anyone with a working knowledge of the band. That's what I don't get, it would not have been any more difficult to tell the story accurately yet as you stated, both Brian May & Roger Taylor signed off. That Robert and Peter debacle in the first episode of Vinyl was unforgivable. The guy playing Peter was about 5'6" and acted like Winston Churchill. Plant came off as a complete jackass and in real life would never have spoken to the record exec regarding business to such a degree as that was Peter's job.
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