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  1. Thanks Steve that was a great post, and thanks to Zach Cromer and Robert Natt for sharing it.
  2. Something in the Air by Thunderclap Newman
  3. Well the lat two lines are " Now Im singing all my songs to the girl who stole my, Shes only three years old and thats a real fine way to start" So its kinda obvious that the song is about her and how she changed his life.
  4. To me it sounds like he says "Got a date I can't be late, cause it's hell I'm headed for" The lyric is " I got a date and I cant be late OR its hell Im headed for" and he was late and did catch hell from his wife for being late to the birth of his daughter. Since the song is about her.
  5. Id happily put up more than 50 Quid, add a zero or two. Im sure alot of people would.
  6. That quote was actually said before the show about 10 days before give or take. He has said nothing since, none of them have except Jason, no interviews being given at all.
  7. Ron Wood ran into Noel and Liam Gallagher 15 minutes before he was to go on. Noel accidentally breathed on him and he immediately passed out and was rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. He was released 3 hours later, Noel Gallagher's reps. say" Noel doesn't remember meeting Jimmy Page or breathing on Ron Wood but he does remember drinking a brewery.
  8. Hey Ashevillian.

    Lived there 10 years.

  9. Maybe Lenny Kravitz? But his voice isnt really deep enough
  10. Foreigner's website says that Brian Tilch is sitting in til Jason returns at the first of the year.
  11. What about say a new song featuring Jimmy and Kenny Wayne Sheppard trading leads?
  12. So Im glad Im not the only one that thinks that Alison Krauss on the Battle of Evermore would be amazing.
  13. Think of The Battle of Evermore with Alison Krauss doing vocal harmonies and playing fiddle ( Yes I know blasphemous but still) There are so many opportunities to re-explore the old, bring in the new and explore new realms not even imagined. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to collaborate with the greatest rock band ever? Could you imagine a new song featuring the dueling guitars of say, Kenny Wayne Sheppard and Jimmy Page? Or maybe Clapton? How about Loreena Mckennit and Planty singing together? So many possibilities that I personally can't wrap my head around them, but just for a moment im
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