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  1. Crazy! Sounds incredible. Would really appreciate a copy/link! Great work. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, This is something that I've been thinking about for years but never seen anyone point out. On the original studio version of "The Rain Song" there seems to be something weird going on with how the drums fade into the mix. Listen at the 3:36 mark. The drums come in just a millisecond late and it also seems like it comes in on the "ring" of the cymbal, rather than the initial hit. The fade is very fast which makes for a pretty "off-beat" and unnatural sound. On the companion disc that came bundled with the deluxe edition of the Houses of the Holy there's an alternate mix called " The Rain Song - Mix Minus Piano". Have a listen at the same mark around 3:36. Interestingly enough there is no fade/cut whatsoever and one can also hear that Bonzo leads up to the cymbal hit with three brush strokes on the snare. Sounds good. I wonder if something happened when they mixed the original version for the album. Maybe there was some noise on the drum channel before bonzo's cue that had to be cut and maybe someone accidentally removed (ie: recorded silence) too much, removing bonzos strokes and intial hit as a result. Anyways. Might be common knowledge for some of you guys. Thought it might be some interesting trivia for others. Maybe someone knows what actually happened at the mix-down? (Pretty crazy how 1 second of recorded music can make you wonder/investigate & post on a forum)
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