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  1. Thanks for telling about this. This would be sick to have. Might have to preorder this.
  2. Jimmy Page is one of the best if not the best guitarist ever. His solos were phenomenal in almost every way and is generally known for his solos and riffs. He has many great studio solos, including Stairway (which isn't the best studio solo), Achilles Last Stand, Heartbreaker, Communication Breakdown and Whole Lotta Love just to name a few. In concert, all his solos were great but a few stuck out, Stairway in any concert, Over the Hills and Far Away in MSG 1973, and Heartbreaker in any concert. Personally, I think ALS is the best studio solo and Stairway to Heaven in Seattle 1977. What is the best solo?
  3. Presence, in my opinion, is more of a progressive rock album. Its not progressive in any means, but compared to most other LedZep albums, the songs in general are more prog. Compare that to ITTOD, which sounds nothing like the Zeppelin we had heard before. ITTOD sounded different for a LedZep album, with almost every song containing keyboard or piano. And it also has a few songs that have zero reminiscence of their other works (Hot Dog and South Bound Saurez). ITTOD is also full of fun, playful songs that are fast and upbeat compared to darker, moodier songs on Presence. Take Achilles Last Stand and South Bound Saurez. SBS is fast, has a short solo, and has a piano moving at 100 mph. Achilles last stand has heavy drums, a darker solo, and it starts slow.
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