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  1. Don't know much about baseball, all I can say is I love the Giants. And the Oakland Athletics. And the LA Dodgers. Basically any team from California.
  2. Let me clarify - Yes, of course I know that most songs don't have guitar solos. But, as a guitarist, I like guitar solo's. Also, just to be clear, I love the song just how it is. It is a classic rock staple, with or without a guitar solo. However, when I say guitar solo, I don't mean putting in a Stairway solo - that would just kill the song. Have you ever listened to the song by Rainbow called Stargazer? Listen to that guitar solo. It fits into the song perfectly. To me, I see similarites between the song. And I was thinking, whoah, what if that was in Kashmir? Giving the son
  3. True I think I imagine too much
  4. What was the incident in Indonesia though?
  5. I love "Smooth". Great song. I saw them live at the Shoreline in Mountain View w/ The Doobie Brothers. It was great
  6. Oh man. I'm imagining all the fights Mick would've had with Robert, and the even bigger fights that Jimmy would've had with Keith "Look, you can't just go out there and wear out the audience. We need to play too" - Mick Jagger "Oh shut up, you've been around for 5 more years than us" - Jimmy Page "6 years actually" - Bill Wyman "SHUT THE FUCK UP BILL" - Everyone else
  7. Lol. I don't get why LZ can't just say "yes, yes, yes, yes, what's the problem, we get more money" Nice though with BD
  8. Bolin did not get some bad smack in Indonesia. Or at least, that's not the reason he played shit. He had gotten high at the Tokyo hotel, and fell asleep on his arm for 8 hours. Their show at the Budokan was attended by 14,000 people - a record breaking crowd. However, they did play a beautiful "Soldier Of Fortune". Miami had an amazing setlist, and NZ was pretty good, considering it to be one of the first shows of the tour. But, as soon as they hit Australia it was clear the end was near....
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