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  1. Rest In Peace. I read it on Blabbermouth, but the comments are just 😶 https://rockcelebrities.net/paul-stanley-bids-farewell-to-his-late-guitar-tech/
  2. Anybody else find it triggering when somebody wears a band t-shirt and don't know who the f*** they are? It's very annoyinghhh
  3. Right here we go Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals
  4. This is great!! Will have to watch it in the evening with some food and drink 😁
  5. What do we want? Hearing aids!! When do we want them? Hearing aids!!
  6. That would be one long tour... Let them do it for as long as they like, until they can't sell anymore tickets, or Eric goes to 70!
  7. I think a Kiss reunion would be great, but I honestly can't imagine Ace and Peter back in makeup... they should do like a mini unmasked convention tour in '95, to celebrate the entire history of Kiss. Have some stage sets, costumes, and then an acoustic set, with Ace & Peter.
  8. Probably Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin & Joni Mitchell - IMO anyways
  9. I think the Guns N' Roses 2021 Tour setlist is....okay. But, like the last tour, there starting to bring in these new boring covers. Wichita Linemen could easily be replaced with songs with the likes of Dead Horse (which they did do for the first two shows), Yesterdays and Used To Love Her. The Seeker could be replaced with a lot of deep cuts. And Slither, well... I think it's time to put that one to bed. Highlight is Absurd though. It provides good hopes that a new album is to be up & coming.
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