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  1. Ohhhhhhhh... I see now. I agree with you. Here's the thing that I don't understand - why were humans made to be the "intelligent species"? I'm sure pink elephants would've been a much better civilization.
  2. As part of the 2020 New Zealand election, people could either vote for marijuana legalization or euthanasia. Euthanasia got the most votes, however, I personally would've wanted it the other way round. Marijuana/cannabis/weed call it what you like - sure, it's a drug, but it's not as deadly as other drugs. According to Medical News Today, it's actually not possible to smoke a lethal dose of weed. A lot of people use it anyways, so why not legalize it so they don't have to run in with the law? Euthanasia on the other hand, even though the idea is good, it can be corrupted way too easily. People these days will take whatever it is to get money, and might even kill their loved ones just to do it. If anybody has any other thoughts, please explain to me.
  3. I don't find the Covid Vaccine scandalous at all. I found people calling the coronavirus a "scamdemic" just very annoying, since at that point one of my friends was in an Intensive Care Unit, and was close to death. But he's all good, and I apologize, for being, in your own words, a "religious fanatic".
  4. Here's what I think - For Earth to be the only source of life out billions of other planets in the world, is quite slim. There's gotta be alien life out there. But here's the real question. Do aliens actually want to come into contact with us? If they did, humans and aliens would probably be living together. The earth is 4.5 billion years old!!! If aliens were this interested in us, why hadn't they come previously. And we can't say "because of techonology", because aliens could be far more sophisticated and more intelligent than us. Or they could be, as Strider posted, some, big.... uh THINGS. We really can't tell if we're going to expect an alien invasion or whatever, because they could be one step ahead of us. Those are my thoughts
  5. What a fucker. You did a good job helping out your neighbour (I know for sure my neighbours would never do that for me), and getting his stupid, little ass into court. I sure damn hope that he gets deported, but I'm not sure if there's a country that will accept him...
  6. In my opinion, Hitler could've won WWII if he hadn't stopped the Blitz and invaded the Soviet Union
  7. 1 - Led Zeppelin 2 - Led Zeppelin III 3 - Untitled 4 - Led Zeppelin II 5 - Physical Graffiti 6 - Presence 7 - In Through The Out Door 8 - Coda
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