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  1. I'm gonna put myself in your shoes.... To be honest with you, most of the songs from Presence were not my favourite, and would've rather seen something else. I would've wanted to hear more Physical Graffiti.
  2. You wanna know what would've been amazing additions to the set? "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" "The Rain Song" And "The Wanton Song"
  3. Neat. If I had the money, I'd go see every Forum show (glares at Strider). My jealousy is imeasurable
  4. What show would you have seen?
  5. It would have been New Orleans, but the end of the tour in Philadelphia would've definently beaten it. There would be, what, 100,000 people! If the tickets were 10 dollars, it would end up being $1,000,000 I think that would break every thing....
  6. Huh. Which in todays money would be..... $41.89!
  7. Huh. Probably cause of the incident
  8. I have a question. Did they perform Moby Dick?
  9. Wait, do you remember how much the tickets were for the '77 Forum shows
  10. So..... 14 LED ZEPPELIN SHOWS!!!!!
  11. ... Every Forum show. The lucky duck
  12. Yeah... the band were definently the best during 1972. It's my favourite year.
  13. Well, there wouldn't have been many dark times. Jimmy would probably not do drugs, and maybe Robert's son wouldn't have died.
  14. Oh. I thought a David Bowie concert in '78 drew like 30,000 people.
  15. Probably yes. Because there probably wouldn't have been the Oakland incident the next year...
  16. I went to go see them in Auckland
  17. One thing is for sure, if that blasted tree hadn't grown, Led Zeppelin would probably still be a band
  18. I'm gonna play the role of fan fiction and try and come up with a reasonable itinerary for the cancelled North American leg. (1) August 23rd - Oakland, CA, USA - Oakland Coliseum (Day On The Green #4) (2) August 24th - Oakland, CA, USA - Oakland Coliseum (Day On The Green #5) (3) August 27th - Tempe, AZ, USA - Sun Devil Stadium (4) August 29th - Kansas City, MO, USA - Arrowhead Stadium (5) August 31st - Atlanta, GA, USA - Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (6) September 1st - Tampa, FL, USA - Tampa Stadium (7) September 2nd - Louisville, KY, USA - Kentucky Fairgrounds Stadium (8) September 4th - New Orleans, LA, USA - Louisiana Superdome (9) September 6th - Pasadena, CA, USA - Rose Bowl (10) September 8th - Denver, CO, USA - Mile High Stadium (11) September 9th - Norman, OK, USA - Lloyd Noble Center (12) September 11th - Birmingham, AL, USA - BJCC Coliseum (13) September 12th - Jacksonville, FL, USA - Veterans Memorial Arena (14) September 14th - Baltimore, MD, USA - Baltimore Civic Center (15) September 15th - Providence, RI, USA - Providence Civic Center (since the band were banned from playing Boston, they organized this gig for everybody who had a ticket to come see them here) (16) September 16th - New Haven, CT, USA - New Haven Coliseum (17) September 18th - Buffalo, NY, USA - Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (18) September 19th - Philadelphia, PA, USA - The Spectrum (19) September 20th - Philadelphia, PA, USA - The Spectrum (20) September 22nd - New York City, NY, USA - Shea Stadium (21) September 24th - Pittsburgh, PA, USA - Three Rivers Stadium (22) September 25th - Cincinnati, OH, USA - Riverfront Coliseum (23) September 26th - Columbus, OH, USA - St. John Arena (24) September 28th - Detroit, MI, USA - Olympia Stadium (25) September 29th - Toronto, ON, Canada - Maple Leaf Gardens (26) October 1st - Montreal, QC, Canada - Montreal Forum (27) October 2nd - Toronto, ON, Canada - Maple Leaf Garden (28) October 4th - Chicago, IL, USA - Chicago Stadium (29) October 6th - St. Paul, MN, USA - Saint Paul Civic Center (30) October 7th - Milwaukee, WI, USA - Milwaukee Arena (31) October 9th - Salt Lake City, UT, USA - Salt Palace (32) October 10th - Albuquerque, NM, USA - University Arena (33) October 13th - Edmonton, AB, Canada - Northlands Coliseum If you think there should be some dates that should be replaced please tell me
  19. Still, I think they would've chosen a Philadelphia date over Pittsburgh. Also, the Pittsburgh Civic Arena was very flexible, and could take up to 30,000 people. Knowing Led Zeppelin, they maybe would've performed to 25,000 people.
  20. Not so sure about Pittsburgh.... They'd already performed 2 nights there at the Civic Arena.
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