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  1. Strider has been to at least 75 % of L.A. area concerts That is facts
  2. That actually looks like a very cool venue... I think the Microsoft Theatre has replaced it
  3. I would love to go see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium.
  4. Also, at school the other day, I was talking to my friend (who is another huge music geek) about the Forum and about how you've been to concerts, and as soon as I say that you saw Elvis in '72, his eyes went wide and literally screamed "HE SAW THE FUCKING KING!!!!!????". He then looks at me and says "How the fuck did he get the money"
  5. 2 Questions - What venue have you seen the most concerts at and what is your favourite venue to see a concert?
  6. Happy Birthday (I think)

    1. Bonzo_fan


      Yes, it was yesterday! Thanks man!

  7. Also, in case you are ever put a gun to your head for a Letters To Cleo song, album title or band member, go with "Here & Now" - 1994 single. We wouldn't want the Forum's top (I think) poster gone.
  8. Okay, so another interesting thread in the Forum down in the dumps.... SIGH Do you think you could name your top concerts that you went too, and just like name them til' your memory wipes out?
  9. Oh lol. It can still include Led Zeppelin related concerts, it's just I put in the other bands/music section because it wasn't just about Led Zeppelin
  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwww I think I'm going to start a concert log, except I probably won't be able to go to even half the concerts you would see in a year. I live in god damn New Zealand, and so there is some live performances. There is a Faith No More concert in February 2022, which could be a nice start.
  12. Oh whoops, wrong ages. I was 10 when I saw Santana & Doobie Brothers and when I saw Queen and 11 when I saw Crowded House (NEARLY 12) Think a sibling took to the keyboard while I looked away
  13. Was the Led Zeppelin 1972 gig the first show you went too?
  14. Right - let me think about this June 25th 1972 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum May 31st 1973 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum June 2nd 1973 - San Francisco, CA, USA - Kezar Stadium June 3rd 1973 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum March 11th 1975 - Long Beach, CA, USA - Long Beach Arena March 12th 1975 - Long Beach, CA, USA - Long Beach Arena March 24th 1975 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum March 25th 1975 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum March 27th 1975 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum June 21st 1977 - Inglewood, CA, USA - The Forum * June
  15. To be honest, I think we should just have a thread where Mr. Strider just talks about all the concerts he's been too.
  16. My friend went to see Tool in NZ 2020. They said it was amazing, and then played Fear Incolum.
  17. Lots of sushi, lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of cake. My mum's birthday today, so there's lots of good stuff to eat. And Strider... Damn that looks good
  18. What is your favourite concert you've been too? I have been to 3 concerts, and I'm going to a festival in December. I went to see Santana & The Doobie Brothers at the Shoreline in California in 2019 (I was 14 years old), Queen (w/Adam Lambert) in Auckland 2020 (still 14 years old) and Crowded House in Auckland 2021 (15 years old, nearly 16) Favourite one has to be Queen though
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