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  1. If what I am hearing is right, and it is Ritchie, he hasn’t made a bad game I can think of in recent years and mainly the bad ones are that due to, in my opinion, technological limitations of their time. If it were down to me to pick someone to put on a theme like this, it’d be him. He designed the ACDC machine which was hailed for the massive resurgence in pinball and is said to be a very big fan on the band. IMHO, as fans of the source material, I’d say you were in damn fine hands.
  2. Well, this was a complete shock Stern Pinball and Led Zeppelin confirm new #pinball with this teaser trailer! https://fb.watch/2jfWVLsfWG/ When it lands in the UK - I’d love you to join me on the stream,. The UK distributor for these if you’d like his name is Phil and he is at www.pinball.co.uk. That’s where I get my games from, so I can do my streams. There seems to be a huge buzz for this one in the pinball community already. Apparently the designer. Steve Ritchie. Has been given free reign to do whatever he wants in terms of making the game he desires.
  3. The one that would command that sort of price would be made by a commercial pinball company, that one in the article was a “homebrew” one. The closest I can really demonstrate is the Iron Maiden machine which was done by Stern. They are the ones that apparently have the licence.
  4. 34:01??? I mean, no, probably not going g to be done by me. Some have 8 minute song “wizard modes” - that might be a record though.
  5. Hi all, I’m a UK based Twitch streamer (Pinball Club - if that tickles your fancy, please give us a follow). I stream new games as they get released into the U.K., such as the upcoming Guns N Roses machine. The latest rumour is a Led Zepplin pinball machine by Stern. (link here, not my website - https://www.pinball.co.uk/blog/led-zeppelin-pinball-machine-pinball-rumour-mill/) With prices starting at £7k for most pro level machines and going up to £13k for LE level ones, probably not something for all fans. Would this be something that fans would go for too?? If it gets released, I’d love to share my streams with you all to get a fans perspective. Band based pinball machines aren’t rare, in fact ACDC and Iron Maiden are my favourite. I never really loved the bands before, but since getting them, am a huge fan of both Do you think it would go down well with fans or be mainly for pinball collectors such as me? Would the band translate well to pinball? Look forward to your thoughts.
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