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  1. You should see me in my current get up:
  2. First, fuel prices are set by a panel of global fundamentalists. As long as the US allows our oil, our natural gas, etc. to be first sold on the world market, then re-sold back to us at an inflated rate we will have these issues. Second, they Keystone pipeline (also known as Mr. Leaky) was a joke to begin with. Both rail & trucking took care of the delivery to refineries in the gulf far, far more safely than an un-monitored pipeline ever could. Now for the shortages, well, you can blame that one on OPEC for reducing supply to bolster prices. Again, nothing the US, Biden, or anyone could do without Nationalizing the US oil & natural gas production. Sorry bud, but this is exactly the price you pay for an unregulated free market, You wanted it, you got it. Suck it up buttercup.
  3. Truly, I like them both as well. However, if a trade is in order I say take out the douche from Nickleback and Scott Sapp, plus the dope from Limp Bizkt.
  4. No worries, just run up, kick em in the frank and beans then run like hell. Winner winner, chicken dinner 😉
  5. That sure looks like Bonzo in the face to me. However my guess is the fro is a wig.
  6. Deal with it? I would be more than happy to deal with this indeed 🙂 Hubba hubba, you're damn fine Stevie !!!
  7. Yeah, multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the body's immune response, as well as Parkinson's. I would call that a serious underlying condition. Vaccine or no, if not COVID, then cancer a few months later. It's a vaccine, not some mecha-suit with ablative armor.
  8. How the hell did you get in then? Just kidding, I'm surprised your not the Emperor
  9. Interesting idea without a doubt. Regarding Nirvana, Dave Grohl confirmed that Nirvana was broken up at the time of Cobain's death but the news had not been announced. I never knew that until I read it the other day. Kinda like the Doors, they too broke up right after LA Woman was completed.
  10. Um, this is right from your article: "Some possible factors in Japan's success include a belated but remarkably rapid vaccination campaign, an emptying out of many nightlife areas as fears spread during the recent surge in cases, a widespread practice, well before the pandemic, of wearing masks and bad weather in late August that kept people home" Looks like it is YOU who has a comprehension problem. More than 70% of Japanese have been fully vaccinated compared to 56.7% of Americans. Plus, unlike the US the Japanese have been wearing masks and social distancing, not bitching and moaning about their "freedom." As a result, it appears they are good to go for now.
  11. Problem was, the music that CP did together was completely dead on arrival for most as that era had passed and grunge was king. This is why they only did the Japanese tour as ticket sales in the states were almost nothing. Believe me, I agree that the CP stuff was better new music than anything PP did, unfortunately there was little market for that music. On the other hand PP timing to do the Unledded thing was spot on and they sure did ride that wave. In essence both Page & Plant were floundering with their respective projects at the time and their getting back together made the most sense from a financial perspective. Hate to sound so cold and business orientated but it was what it was. Though on the positive side the tours were just spectacular and Jimmy was playing at his peak, especially in 98'. Plus, though Coverdale is a great singer the guy is just annoying as hell live. Saw Whitesnake in 87' and whenever Coverdale opened his mouth between songs all I could do was cringe. The guy acts like an 11 year old on crack with his moronic between song banter.
  12. So it appears this is a classic example of what happens when people get vaccinated en masse and do the intelligent thing. Who would have thought??? Thanks for proving the point about vaccinations working, nice job there Stryder.
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