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  1. The man is a philosophical god with the heart of a poet, the hands of a musician, and the mind of Groucho Marx crossed with Fred Hampton's biting outlook.
  2. Great player, very underrated guitarist and one of the few shredders who can convey real emotion in his playing. Saw him with Journey in 86' and during his guitar solo spot he played about two minutes of Dazed & Confused. The crowd went wild! Met him a few times. Nice guy but a rather odd duck.
  3. Crazy right, hard to decide between the NY run or the LA run, like them both but that NY run, especially the 11th - 14th is really strong.
  4. Some like Page & Richards can handle it and got very, very lucky. Others, not so much. It's like Jim Fixx dying of a heart attack while jogging at 52. Genetics plays a huge factor and even the best health practices can't save you sometimes. We are just pawns in great game of life
  5. On the 77' Tour? Probably either April 30th, June 11th or 13th, June 22nd or 25th, and July 24th. Though if pressed I would say June 11th.
  6. I would pay $41.89 to see Zeppelin today and what a bargain it would be. Heart charges $150 min for their tickets. Damn, Lez Zeppelin probably charges $50.
  7. Most likely, they just wanted to get outta Dodge. However, the performance on the 24th is very good though the encores are seriously rushed. Seems like the prior day's incident focused Jimmy and, very likely, he performed relatively clean as the band would have most certainly disposed of any party favors due to law enforcement being all over the place.
  8. Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away/Black Dog [MSG 1977] - YouTube
  9. BobDobbs


    I have always been a dog lover, currently have an awesome Malti-Poo which is 18 months old and "talks" as well. Not actual words but I have never seen a dog with such a variety of vocalizations and she only does this during play or when she wants / needs something. She is a real sweetheart too, a lover, not a fighter. One of the things about dogs which is amazing is they are a direct reflection of their owner in most cases (rescue dogs being the exception due to getting the dog as an adult). Whenever I see a yappy dog, guess what, the owner is usually a loud-mouthed jerk. Aggressive dog, the owner is usually a prick. So if you ever want to know the true nature of a person, check out Rover (that is if they have a dog). Also, sad, depressed dog...likely an abusive owner. The older I get the more I come to realize the domesticated dog is the greatest gift the universe has given to human-kind.
  10. If the last two are from Melbourne, that sure looks like quite a bit more than just 14,000 people (quoted from above). Maybe its just perspective but that audience looks closer to 40k+. Was the 14k audience claim a typo?
  11. I can't say for sure as it was 43 years ago and I was only a kid at the time. I know he came on with the shades but do not know when he tossed them. It was my first concert and what a way to start! No other concert has come close to how good they were that night. That's not to say I have not been to shows with better sound and mixing. When I saw Don Henley in 89' in Chicago, wow, now that was the best sound I have ever heard at any show. What was wild was the volume was not loud, I was having conversations at normal vocal levels off and on during the gig but every note was crystal clear, the sound just enveloped you. Don't know who produced that show, the soundboard people, engineer but they are the tops. And the acoustics were perfect. It was a small-medium venue (the UIC Pavilion), only 9,500 people at max capacity but part of the place was curtained off so there were about 5,500 people there that night.
  12. Jimmy was channeling future Madonna or Lady Gaga for that gig as he started the show with the Nazi officer cap, boots, and pants then switched out the hat for a white Fedora handed to him by someone in the crowd. The he came back wearing the white silk suit but the pants had yet to be embroidered so they were plain. I believe this was the only show he ever did a complete change of clothes during the gig plus wore two different hats. Thank god he did not channel his inner Peter Gabriel otherwise he might have come out in a turd suit.
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