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  1. I was really into music from a very early age due to my parents love of big band and 50's rock and roll. We had one of those massive console units that had both a TV & stereo w/ turntable and my parents had a nice record collection they were always playing. Always music in the house. I was the youngest in my family (among siblings and cousins) and that is how I was introduced to contemporary music (this was the early 70's) and that is how I discovered Zep. My cousin Nancy was dragging my 3 year old ass around the newly opened Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL when I heard sounds emanating fr
  2. Just a joke as your reply sounded like customer service. That's a good thing BTW, its a gift to both be kind and to spread that kindness.
  3. Now TAHT'S what I call service!!!
  4. You got that right my friend. Now time for some Frop with a side of Connie 😉
  5. You know what is not beyond question? All the healthcare workings me and my wife work with on a daily basis who have been dealing with this since day 1. Are they all lying? Are they all part of some conspiracy? If so what's the angle?
  6. That was really bad marketing, calling for defunding the police as the majority did not want defunding but rather a more equitable re-distribution of funding to areas which need it. Yes, there are some loonies who just want all cops gone but those are silly, stupid people. You don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, just because your car breaks down does not mean its time to start it on fire. The fish may rot from the head but the house cannot stand on a poor foundation. It all comes down to training and better psychological screenings for cadets. I think the police forces should not be d
  7. I do not know one way or the other, nor do you unless you are a certified virologist currently working on the COVID virus. I believe in science, I believe in the experts, it may not be perfect and they too make mistakes but its better than idle speculation.
  8. Well, this was both all over the news and even mentioned in the very thread several times and is indicative of the tail wagging the dog. Just simple logic proves such an idea is silly nonsense. Regarding the efficacy of the vaccine, I agree, long-term protection and possible affects are yet to be determined but this claim can be made about ALL vaccines. The polio vaccine for one has a very storied history starting in 1935 going up to the Cutter Incident of 1955. It was not until 1961 that the polio vaccine and inoculation protocols were in place to properly distribute the vaccine without
  9. My favorite conspiracy theory about the vaccine was the whole Bill Gates microchip tracking nonsense. A person has to be a real special kind of stupid to believe in such ridiculousness, but an extra, extra special stupid to post such nonsense from the very cell phone which has been tracking them for years.
  10. Let's be honest here. If the government would gust give everyone who does not want the vaccine a three month free pass to Golden Corral, a 4" lift kit for the peeeek-up, and a month of Oxy the jokers would be beating the shit outta each other to get the vaccine. Hell, Bubba and Ambyr would get the vaccine an extra two or three times just for the Oxy alone.
  11. Just beware of those loathsome cocksuckers at The Gem. A scurrilous lot they are, neither to be trusted nor ignored.
  12. She always got a lot of heat from people, felt sorry for her. After her and Coverdale divorced she went down hill really fast, such a shame.
  13. You and I both as Page had a decent singing voice, especially compared to Jones. Page had a decent singing voice, decent enough for harmony back-up. Bonzo had an excellent singing voice IMO. From what I have heard he had a nice range kinda similar to Roger Taylor (Queen). Never understood why Page & Bonzo did not sing harmony live (Bonzo did for The Ocean), and why Plant never played 2nd guitar (rhythm) live when they so desperately needed a second guitarist, especially from 75' on when the complexity and layering of the songs required at the very least a 2nd guitar player.
  14. Well, you lost me there as IMO the LA shows were much better on the whole (well, not the 24th, blech), unless your main point of contention is the dragging out of songs into Grateful Dead / Phish territory. If that's the case I cannot argue there as some were really good while others just meandered on, boring. The band as a whole though were more energetic and pretty tight during the majority of the March run. Plus Plant's vocals in LA were good for 75'. Funny as my favorite gig's from 75' are Montreal 2/6, NY 2/13 & 2/14, BR 2/28, LA 3/12 (my favorite show), the whole run from the 17th to
  15. I bet that was quite a shock, Zep goes full Newport Jazz fest circa 1958! I have never heard of this before, nothing even close on a Zep release, mispress or not so I would assume you Sir are in possession of a very unique piece of history. Good for you!
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