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  1. Well shit me britches, I never knew that. Those lyrics were always indecipherable to me. Thanks Woz !
  2. Without a doubt but I never understood why Robert did not play second guitar. He had two members in the band who could both be considered guitar virtuosos' (JPJ smokes on lead guitar when he wants to) who I am sure would have happily taught him how to at least play decent rhythm guitar. Zep really needed a second guitarist anyway especially by 75' when the songs were becoming more layered with guitar parts. That would have kept Robert busy during Jimmy's solos.
  3. I am with you Steve. I take my laptop with me when I travel but I also pack a full-sized keyboard and mouse. I hate using a laptop keyboard. Now texting on a smartphone, fugetaboutit! I have big, fat thumbs which are useless with those small buttons.
  4. Jessh, you promised to never reply to my post yet here you are. You sir are not a truthful person and that makes me saaaad.
  5. A compulsion I simply cannot understand. I got my first cell phone in 1996 and always viewed it as a tool, nothing more. When Smartphones came about and everyone was connected to everything I still did not "get it" as if I want to look something up I use my laptop with an 18" screen. For the life of me I simply cannot understand why anyone would use that wee baby screen on a phone instead of the larger screen on ones computer? Lastly, how does one reconcile using a wee phone screen for 95% of web activity then go out and buy a big screen TV??? People are weird.
  6. and I may add Jimmy getting "food poisoning" in Chicago 1977. The man was living on a diet of banana daquiris & french fries, how does anyone get food poisoning from banana daquiris & french fries? Bad spud? Bad banana??? There sure were quite a few musicians back in the day either falling asleep on their arms or getting food poisoning. Curious that.
  7. Maybe Jimmy could have done Eruption in the middle for shits and giggles?
  8. Yes! The difference between a good song and a great song in the context of composition is this, the guitar solo (or any solo for that matter) must fit and serve the song and arrangement. I don't care how smoking a solo is, if it either does not fit the songs arrangement, or is out of character for the theme and melody of the song, it is just a misplaced distraction. Not all songs need a solo, but all solos need a good song. Kashmir, Out on the Tiles, Four Sticks, HHWCID, Immigrant Song do not need solos, they are perfect as it. Though Jimmy did put together a great solo for live Immigrant
  9. Heart performing fully naked but at their 1977 ages. I sure ain't no sexist, if Ann & Nancy have to go au naturalle so do the guys 😉
  10. Good rule and I agree wholeheartedly
  11. Damn right. I remember hearing some nutter on the Dr. Drew show about 28 or so years ago talking about getting interrupted by his GF cat right before he was about to bust a nut. That is about all I will say regarding that particular incident as what happened next and the mans apparent reaction was both disturbing and puzzling.
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