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  1. Maybe the distiller enjoys a nice glass of good old Kentucky horse piss on occasion and thus selected this particular batch 😉 Not a fan of Woodford, I think Four Roses (the regular for around $25 a bottle) is quite good. If I really want some good bourbon I go for the Four Roses Small Batch or Booker's.
  2. Let me put it another way. Say you have a friend of say 70 years of age and you two are planning a lovely dinner out to catch up. You develop COVID but really have not shown any symptomology so you just shrug and go to dinner with your friend. A few days later his wife calls you to let you know your friend has developed COVID and as a result has been hospitalized. Would you in any way feel responsible for your friends situation?
  3. There are a lot of things I enjoy, however one of them has never been to place my friends or family in risk, especially for something so obvious. Struggling to opt out? If they are struggling under such a circumstance, it is because they are self centered and narcissistic, only caring about their own enjoyment and not the heath or safety of the group. I am all for individualism however this crazy celebration of the individual over the group is just nonsense. If a persons freedoms or desires get in the way of the safety of the group, the group must always take priority and consideration. Always. That is kinda a no-brainer.
  4. There is just so much ignorance to unpack there, but I give the Elf props for doing so in such a concise manner.
  5. This one thing Trump was 100% right about, the other NATO nations were not paying their fair share, the US has ben carrying them for decades.
  6. Yes the holy weed, the Icius-Stickius, the old Chronic. Lucky for me I do not have that issue as my job is quite stressful and a wee toke around 6pm does this body good. I do not smoke to get stoned or wasted, more just to mellow out and forget the daily bullshit otherwise, my mind races. It really is a godsend in my case as I do not like opioids, absolutely hate that disconnected, weird feeling they bring on. Can no longer drink to any degree as more than one, maybe two drinks is my limit, otherwise instant hangover, no buzz, plus, at 53 I do not wish to damage my mortal frame any more than I have to. So in that case it is a miracle. It really gives me that peaceful easy feeling, like an old Eagles song with a hot cup of Tweek Coffee, it's like a warm summers da...whoops, a bit distracted there. I rarely do edibles as the Ph of my stomach either neutralizes the affect or amplifies it so much I am both flying and couch-locked. No edibles for this hombre. Anyway, it works for me 🙂
  7. Elf, your post contradicts itself. The bill of rights only addresses government actions, not private, at least not in that sense. A private business owner has every right, every FREEDOM to do with his or her business as they see fit as long as they do not discriminately against a protected class. Passing a law forbidding private business to enforce a vaccine guideline would be infringing on the business owners freedom. I know this may be a silly comparison but it is really no different than no shirt, no shoes, no service. You don't like the businesses policies, fine, go to another business which does. That is the essence of freedom in the marketplace.
  8. That guy from FYC is Roland Gift and he started out as an actor, then went into music, then went back to acting. His talking voice is fine but his singing voice, fugetaboutit!
  9. Ya know, the singer kinda looked like a buff, young Robert DiNiro with a shaved head.
  10. Allin liked to roll around in shit on stage, throw it at the audience etc. Mike Patton had some weird fixation with poop and fancied himself, and I quote, "a shit terrorist." The poo thing aside, FNM was a band way ahead of their time, they were groundbreaking. Check out this link from the band talking about this: Diary Of A Shit Terrorist (faithnomorefollowers.com)
  11. Greatest musical duo of all time, they just needed other people to sing the songs 😉
  12. Manson is a retarded clown (I mean the retarded part in the medical sense) with zero class. Never understood why anyone liked the guy. John 5 is a great guitarist and a really nice guy but Manson, forget it. I remember when the singer for Faith No More (Mike Patton) was shitting into, and onto everything back in the early 90's (literally) and as a result nearly destroyed FNM as a band, but Manson get's a pass?
  13. I love TSRTS. When I first saw the movie in 83' I was blown away, realizing immediately the impact the movie had toward MTV and music videos. Without TSRTS I doubt MTV would have come about, or if it did likely not until the late 80's early 90's. So FWIW it did inspire a whole new concept in music format. Yes, the movie's fantasy sequences were a bit funky but the only one which did not age well was Plant's. Page, Jones, and especially Bonham's I think aged well.
  14. Hey there Plant77, I believe the Elf-Man is 100% correct that Trump won the "elecetion," unfortunately for him, he most certainly lost the election 😉 There is always 2024 Ps. I bet if the late, great, and wonderfully kind RJD were alive today your vision would be spot on. "We're off to the witch...we may never, never, never come home...but she sure as damn well better give us a cure for COVID! Because if you listen to fools...the mob rules."
  15. I always thought it funny the "selective" manner in which Nazi imagery is either accepted (The Producers, made only 22 years after WWII), or derided (Jimmy wearing an SS cap or Prince Harry in Nazi uniform at Halloween party). It is so random it makes no sense.
  16. Good question but no clue on my end. However I can tell you my father grew up in abstract poverty, 15 people (parents & 13 kids) in a two bedroom, one bath 1,100sq ft house. He would have to literally fist fight his siblings for food as my grandfather made them. As a result my father ate his meals with one hand always on his glass with arm hooked around his plate, looked like a wild animal when he ate. He finally got over it when he turned 40. Deprivation can cause some weird behaviors in some people.
  17. I believe that would be apples to oranges as the PCR testing is approved by the FDA and Holmes scam / quackery is just that. Holmes is screwed and she will go to jail, the question is for how long and where.
  18. True, but there are a lot of crazy bitches out there. If anyone needs the vaccine its them, and while at it they should probably get a HPV vaccine and a dose of penicillin just to be safe.
  19. Your right about that, one could argue it was Dietrich Eckart & Rosenberg who made Hitler who he would become. Those two were a couple of evil bastards. The swastika is a very interesting symbol as it has roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, Asian, Native American, African, you name it. How and why this symbol is universal among ancient civilizations, some of which had no contact with each other? Strange indeed.
  20. If you look deeply into the "occult" aspects of Nazi'ism, you will find it all leads back to primarily one guy, Himmler, and he was a dilettante at best. Hitler, after getting to power, outlawed all occult activities and groups and only allowed Himmler and the SS this indulgence but Hitler himself thought the occult was nonsense. Much had to do with Hitler's favorite psychic who was bankrolled by Hitler until Hitler found out he was Jewish. After that the occult was verboten in Germany. The real occult practitioners (Thule Society & Vril) supported and helped bring the Nazi's to power with their influence in the 20's, but once Hitler had what he wanted he tossed them out with the trash. Maria Orsic who was one of the main leaders of Vril along with two other female mediums was creepy and weird as hell. You should check her out, quite the rabbit hole. Her and the other two mediums just "disappeared" never to be heard from again after late 44'. Legend has it the three mediums left on the only operational Die Glocke (an anti-gravity, inter-dimensional craft) for another "world." Who knows, however the Americans & British did find a fully completed, but not fully operational Die Glocke in Poland after the war. Nothing was heard about it after that except that allied scientists supposedly mothballed it after trying to fire it up and discovered it was too dangerous. I doubt Page knew about the Nazi / Occult connection as that did not come out to the public until the 90's when many of these documents were released to the general public. Then again, anything is possible. Funky stuff
  21. John, seriously, Plant77 is not me, he is his own person. We post very differently, Plant is very nice in his comments whereas I can be a bit sarcastic and salty at times. I do wish I was more like Plant77 in his posts and reply's and will try to be less salty and sarcastic myself. However, I will still be posting my YouTube viddies, not gonna give up that fun 😉 Not everything is a conspiracy. Everyone is not out to get you. In fact, if you lived in my town and needed a hand I would be glad to help, even if we do not agree on everything. I tell you one thing, we all need to stop with the dog whistle, stop with the my team vs. your team nonsense and go out and meet your neighbors. Let's talk about our similarities and not be offended by our differences. Time to turn off the TV, put down the smartphones (which are anything but), and just empathize with our fellow humans. There is only one tribe, the human tribe, we are all in this together.
  22. I just assumed his finger really began to hurt after 2 1/2 hours of playing, then went backstage during Moby Dick, drank a bottle of Jack, then came back on-stage. By the time of the encores the Jack has majorly kicked in and he forgot he was a guitar player. If any tour should have been the "cut the waffle" tour it should have been 75'. Page had his broken finger, Plant had the flu and could barely sing on a good night. If they had kept the 75' tour shows to 2 hours, played D&C and NQ at under 15 min each, I bet the 75' tour would have gone off better, at least regarding Page.
  23. Control over what? Honestly, I don't get this angle.
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