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  1. Thanks- I couldn't seem to find any recent info. I saw one 4 or 5 yrs. ago sell for $700 , if I remember correctly.
  2. Anyone know of a recent price for an orig. Pb album? (Vancouver, Mar.21, 1970)
  3. Thanks all for your kind words- I've got some work to do to organize the tapes. They've been in storage for almost 50 yrs. I'm slow!
  4. My set list (missing first 2 songs, I think) in order- Stairway To Heaven- Going To California- That's The Way- Since I've Been Loving You- Black Dog- Dazed & Confused (w/Page using violin bow)- Communication Breakdown- What Is And What Should Never Be- Celebration Day- Gallows Pole- Whole Lotta Love (extended version w/Boogie Chillen' by John Lee Hooker, That's Alright, Mess Of Blues, Honey Bee by Muddy Waters, & Sittin' and Thinkin') (almost 20mins.) then the encore with one song I don't know, then Rock & Roll to close.
  5. I just uploaded a snippet of 'Rock and Roll' from the encore. (above in 1st post). No recollection of Friends or Tangerine being played. I missed the first two songs of the set.
  6. I checked the set list for the Aug.19, 1971 show in Vancouver and I'm sure they don't have it right. My recollection is that they sang Gallows Pole and SETLISTFM doesn't even mention that. Also no mention of Rock & Roll but they sang that on the encore. LedZep4.ogg
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