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  1. Good news for me. By elimination the Led Zeppelin chopper in my shed is sure to be Robert Plants, also the chopper most likely to be John Bonhams back-up bike and hence the film star. But I've written before that I think film provenance is over-rated here. To have custody of any of the four choppers, but particularly John Bonhams in its preserved state, is a privilige. My take is that $40,000 was well spent regardless of any film appearance.
  2. Yes, I see what you did there. I guess this is how the idea that the 2015 auction chopper and the TSRTS film chopper are one and the same came about. Thirty-three years ago someone said it was so and ever since it's been accepted and regurgitated as being so. No one ever really checked and someone else ended up blowing $40,000. About the present location of Jimmy Pages chopper. It may be that I'm succumbing to confirmation bias. On the other hand, to come up with the news that Jimmy Pages chopper is still in his shed is not very contentious and I tend to accept it. It is a likely out
  3. Jimmy Pages chopper did not look cared-for when it was at Plumpton Place back in 1982, another forty years of storage won't have been good. Even so - one owner for 50+ years, probably close to zero mileage. I wonder if he knows it's there. With Lee1111s sighting, the recent whereabouts of three of the four Led Zeppelin choppers is known now - John Bonhams was sold at auction in 2015, Jimmy Pages is still in his garage and the Eastbourne chopper is probably JPJs. Leaving a missing chopper, which I would say is the one written about in John Bonhams biography authored by broth
  4. Following way too much time spent searching and cross-referencing Peter Grants companies, I've found out nothing more about the company Peer Grant Ltd in the 1970s. It's not totally wasted time as other interesting stuff comes up. SteveAJones explaining the origins of GMG Productions was great. Along with Peer Grant Ltd, several other apparently random companies shared the 115a Chancery Lane address. All of these companies were being wound up a year or so either side of 1980 by a Eugene Gomeche and in all cases it became a long drawn-out affair taking many years. One of them, F &
  5. Yes, I'm just going through some more stuff I've come across about Peter Grant Music:
  6. Following Cookie0024s lead to search Companies House, I tunnelled a bit deeper and I found a Peer Grant Ltd at a different, presumably later, address in the same area of the City: Peer Grant Limited 115a Chancery Lane London WC2A 1PP Company No. 00968359 The company was registered in 1969, winding up is recorded as commencing on 19th September 1980, but nothing much seemed to happen until March 1995 and winding up was eventually completed in December 1998. So far, I don't have any information about the business of the company or anything at all really,
  7. For Cookie0024 Thanks for checking the companies. Do you have a more comprehensive search facility than Companies House? I think that one goes back just 20 years: "When a limited company is dissolved, all disclosed information remains on the Companies House public register for 20 years. Dissolved company records that are over 6 years old are not available to the public on the free Companies House Service, but they can be viewed on other search services." I'm hoping SteveAJones will come up with something. To go back to a question I put up here before -
  8. Excuse the time lapse since my last post. Other stuff got in the way, but I did get time to read Richard Coles autobiography. On page 282 he wrote - "In 1970, my Christmas present from the band was a Triumph Chopper motorcycle." I guess that's likely to be the one in the photo of Richard Cole posted in this thread by SteveAJones. So far as the documentation for the two motorcycles sold by Peter Grant from Horselunges Manor goes - I have sight of the original green logbook for the Sunset Tripper chopper and I'm in no doubt that it connects the chopper to Led Zeppelin but it does have
  9. Sorry, I'm really trying to keep the BS at a low level and the conjecture as informed as it can be. How about - the unusual z shaped handlebars seen in the photograph of your (Richard Coles) Triumph motorcycle match the handlebars of John Bonhams hotel riding Triumph motorcycle which was imported from the US and kept at Horselunges Manor for a time in the 1970s. Is it the same motorcycle? The handlebars are unusual but not unique, so it is conjecture. I would understand if he wasn't interested after 45 years. I don't know where the hotel Triumph motorcycle is, but it's very
  10. From a search Melody Maker journalist Chris Welch interviewed John at the farm in June 1975. Part of Bonham's fantasy sequence for the 1976 film The Song Remains the Same was filmed at the farm in late 1973. The sequence features Bonham with his wife Pat Bonham, his son Jason Bonham on a miniature drum kit, and John driving a Model T Ford Ice Truck as well as a chopper motorcycle on local roads outside the New Inn (other motorcycle footage was shot in Blackpool). John and Pat were also filmed riding on a cart with their farm's horse 'Old Sam' along the poplar-lined farm road. The snooker
  11. The text accompanying the video photo of Jimmy Pages chopper dates the photo to 1982. With this new (to me) information and along with some other data I've got, I think the chopper found in East Sussex would be John Paul Jones chopper and not Jimmy Pages. The same data source recollects that in the 1970s, JPJs chopper was stored at Peter Grants house, Horselunges Manor, along with the Triumph motorcycle that John Bonham rode around the lobbies and corridors of a hotel or hotels in the US. Apparently, this Triumph motorcycle was brought back from the States along with trucks
  12. I signed up for this thread with the hope of finding out more about the four choppers built for Led Zeppelin in 1972. Before joining up and posting I knew a bit about the choppers and I've picked up a bit from the thread. The idea that the TSRTS film chopper is not the John Bonham chopper sold at auction in 2015 is pivotal to the big picture but not of any special interest to me. What is Indisputable: John Bonhams own 650cc chopper survives and has an unbroken trail back to the builder in Burbank. There are photographs of John Bonham on a chopper that lo
  13. I missed the post made by swann, thanks to SteveAJones for saving the photo. The Jimmy Page chopper has a Triumph 250cc engine matching the day-time film chopper but there are some differences, the big one being the metalwork sprouting out of the top of the seat. If its not something stuck on the wall I would say its the Zoso symbol. Each of the four choppers had the symbol of the owner on the back of the sissy bar. The gas tank has a chrome finish although supposedly all four chopper tanks were painted as Union Jacks. It has a UK registration number on the front but I can't read it,
  14. John Bonham, house, car and chopper. c1972.
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