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  1. I'm not sure what you consider 'good quality', but there are a few great shows, particularly the one in Baltimore only a couple of days later. I'm not sure of the absolute best bootleg for it, but you can check out a nice mix of sources on Youtube here:
  2. Thank you Starship - your site is such a great resource. I was actually going to post here and ask if anyone else was getting glitches trying to get onto the site.
  3. Was it one of the tapes from 'The Song Remains The Same'? There are a number of different versions, but this is one of them: https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-The-Soundtrack-From-The-Film-The-Song-Remains-The-Same-Volume-B/release/8131060
  4. My best friend's parents went to the Melbourne show but I haven't gotten too many stories over the years about what it was like, beyond the fact that as a performance, it was life changing, and Plant was absolutely incredible in person. The other thing I've heard from them was the crushing disappointment of seeing TSRTS in a theatre a few years after having seen the band at their peak.
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