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  1. Who stole the money at the Drake? I am currently reading tour manager Richard Cole's book which is sophomoric and gratuitous. I'll finish reading it since I paid for the damn thing but it's awful. I already had suspected that he is the one who swiped the money but after reading a section where he bellyaches about not getting paid enough it only increased my suspicion. He sounds like a complete sociopath.
  2. Newbie here, I had to look up what ARMS meant. Here it is for others who don't know. "The ARMS Charity Concerts were a series of charitable rock concerts in support of Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis in 1983.[1] The first (and initially planned to be the only) event took place at the Royal Albert Hall on September 20, 1983, with subsequent dates occurring in the United States, with slightly different lineups of musicians."
  3. Saturday when I walked into a pizza joint to pick up a calzone "Over the hills and far Away" was playing on the PA system. Sunday when I was walking at the mall a young lady had on a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and I exclaimed to her "all right Led Zeppelin~!" Then later when I walked into an eating establishment the solo entertainer, who looked like Darius Rucker, was singing "Hey hey what can I Do". Mere coincidence? I think not lol
  4. Get the Led outta yo ass and party~!

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