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  1. Nice! Thanks for your reply! Yes, I supposed that this noise is normal, but "The Complete Studio Recordings" are remasters, so I don't know why the engineers didn't erase that noise. Anyway, it sounds great. Now it's time to buy all cd's, and maybe LP too. New LZ fan here. 50 years late...
  2. Hi there! I'm from Spain and my english is so bad, but I'm sure you will understand me. I've never been fan of Led Zeppelin, until now. Let me explain. Last week I bought a Fiio M11 DAP because I wanted to rip all my CD collection into FLAC or ALAC and hear it with a Hi-Res device. Yesterday, talking with a friend about music, he told me: Hey I can share my CD collection with you to rip more CD's, and he lent me "The Complete Studio Recordings". The only song I've ever listened from LZ is Stairway to heaven.... really. Today I've listened Led Zeppelin IV and after that I said: Now I know I'm a LZ fan. I don't understand why I've never been a fan. Absolutely great!! That's the music I love to listen. Now i'm gonna listen the other albums, but I have a question about Led Zeppelin IV: I realize that a background noise is always present. It's something like: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. It's like the noise from the needle in a turntable when hearing a silent track. Isn't it supposed to be a remastered CD? I've heard both CD and it's ripped version in FLAC, and this noise is always present. For example, if you play Stairway to heaven, the first seconds you can hear this noise.... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Is this normal? I understand it's a 50 year old album... but I don't know why the engineers didn't fix that in the remaster process. Can someone enlighten me? Thx a lot.
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