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  1. sometime ago , 7th October 2008 , plomerus , a regular contributor on matters floyd to the collectorsmusicreviews site , set out expertly a list of essential floyd concerts and relative bootlegs . he discussed reasons for selecting the concerts and identified at that time best sounding boots . he then went on to itemise concerts / boots that just failed to make the grade . it is a terrific article . written by someone highly knowledge of his subject and therefor commanding respect . there followed a number of interesting comments from floyd collectors discussing the pro and cons of concerts plomerus had not included . it is by far the best article of its type I have read . years and years ago I had a authoritative printed list of zeps top 25 concerts and associated boots . it was very good but with the passage of time it has disappeared . I have neither the knowledge ( like many on this site I have many 100s of zep titles both vinyl and cd ) nor courage to put into print such an article about zep concerts / boots . wish I did . and I do realise such a task would involve no little effort . but I do wonder if out there for zep * is there is a comparable list that I have missed complied by say dadgad / winston / or someone similarly knowledgable . * if anyone aware of such types of lists for say yes , genesis , hendrix , elp then please point me in the right direction
  2. i appreciate I am straying somewhat , but anyway , following on from the last comment , has page / plant / jones ever publicly stated why they have not released soundboards ? I dont have any grateful dead output but thoroughly enjoy king crimson live releases . although i was somewhat concerned when tarantura released as a bootleg a copy of such a crimson release .
  3. good evening autumn moon I think matters would be resolved if someone were able to put side by side one vinyl form the original release and one from swinging pig .... or maybe not put simply swinging pig did release a copy but how do you tell them apart . suffice to say I got my set privately from an exemplary source who said it was one of the original sets ( no 77 ) and I believe I have the original but ... as I said doesnt really matter
  4. steve thank you for that . i have seen that picture . so the swinging pig outer case is more or less identical to the original . same labelling etc . and as far as i can make and out and unlike swinging pig titles there is no swinging pig label on the outer case . the splash coloured vinyl is not dissimilar to the original . I think I have now worked out which version I have . not that it really matters . the set is wonderful . a throw away comment on sound quality . purely personal of course . latest zep lp memory frozen forever / casino records . I have various cd versions of this concert as I am sure lots have including godfather records . the sound quality of the casino lp set is better than the various cd releases . and to be fair it is better than the toasted and stork lp sets . thank you
  5. thank you for taking the time to reply if you refer to the led zeppelin database and under the vinyl section look up the final option , the contributor refers to a swinging pig release in 2007 now that is a chap who knows his onions but try as I might and I have tried repeatedly I cannot find a reference anywhere to the swinging pig release so much so I am beginning to doubt that there was such a release taking your closing comment I prefer to play lps and have a lot of zep boots . lps imho sound better . even older boot lps eg original eddie sound as good current eddie cds . but it is a very personal thing and each to there own . it is a pity I cant sit you down in my seat hand you a beer and then play lps against cds
  6. There is the original release 148 x 70 lps and 2 x 72 lps . I am referring obviously to the Final Option . Now I have seen lots of pictures of this set . Then I read years ago that The Swinging Pig label issued a copy . Try as I might I have never seen a picture of the Swinging Pig issue . When I tried checking online the usual pictures of the original release appear . So my questions are - a ) did Swinging Pig release a copy of the original ? b ) anyone reading this do they have the Swinging Pig set and if so can they provide some pictures c ) how do you tell the difference between the two sets ?
  7. i purchased a basic linn sondek lp 12 in 1982 basically starved myself slept on floors of friends flats thereby saved university grant money . I still have it and over the years invested in various of the upgrades . turntable is very important . rest of my hifi is pretty good kit . led zep 11 / rl is best sounding bar none . I have the classic records set . physical is unplayable . it is boomy . just terrible . page's latest reissue is better sounding . in fact i prefer to play page's latest reissues over the classic versions . obviously just my opinion . interestingly I still have my original copies of zep releases ( zep 1 bought 1971 ) and they all sound pretty good .
  8. oooft line 5 should have read........ what I do not understand is why people etc
  9. everyone is entitled to their opinion . my first concert was purple / burn tour at glasgow apollo . I was a regular attender at apollo though 70s and early 80s . so I saw everybody and more than once ( except zep but did manage '07 ) . for live albums in my opinion following are all great who / leeds , purple / japan , acdc / if you want blood , zep / htwww ( and now 4 lp version of tsrts ) nugent / gonzo , priest / unleashed in east , elp / welcome , yes / yessongs , genesis / seconds , allmans / fillmore , stones / ya yas .... but there are some live albums by great groups that suck eg sabs and there are well regarded groups whose stuff I switch off eg frampton , queen basically what I class as pop rock . what I do understand is why people get so heated about whether one group is greater than another . or why someone who doesnt like say zep would visit say a zep website and post a gratuitously rude inane . it is inconceivable to me that I would visit a def leps site and say they are crap . I think they are crap and it annoys me the amount of airplay they get on planet rock / abs classic rock radio but why would I send a message deriding them ... lots of fans do like them and I respect their opinion . at the end of the day there is a measure of " greatness " or more properly popularity ...... record sales . no rock act had outsold zep ( eagles are not rock imho ) . everyone enjoy their thing .
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